sporadic error messages when clicking on a mapped drive

Good Day Everyone and Debsyl99,

Here is the problem. A nagging problem. There is this 1 user in the whole company (250 users) that sometimes when he clicks on  his drive mappings he gets a message stating that "he does not have permissions to open this item" This is unlike any other error in that there is no red X sign on the dialog box.
He showed me that when he is working in a Word 2000 document and he clicks open and then he chooses from the drop down box his drive and then he chooses his file he sometimes gets the error message i stated before.
Troubleshooting steps I took:

1- Deleted his profile and logged on again.....same error problem.
2- Replaced his network adapter card with a new one......same error problem.
3-Replaced the wire from his computer to the outlet in the wall......same problem.
4-Installed a new wire and ran it through to the switch..........same problem.
5-Unplugged his connection from port 8 on the switch and plugged it to a different port......same problem.
6- Monitored the port for excessive collisions and none were found...........same problem.
7-Deleted his logon script and re-created another one using vbs........same problem.
8-Company bought him a brand new IBM laptop...........same problem.
9-I asked the user to change office.......he refuses to because he is the controller and he needs the phone and he has a big office...blah...blah ....blah .

Has anyone else experienced this scenario with mapped drives and Office 2000 with Windows XP SP2? If so i would need your help.

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Hey Tacobell ;-))

First does the issue still occur with the firewall disabled on XP sp2 or is it disabled anyway? Second have you got any errors or warnings in the event logs on this client's pc/laptop? It sounds like a problem with his account as much as anything else - at least you eliminated a few possibilities there (always a good thing)
Deb :))
I would just follow Debsy, I would try to delete the account and recreate it.
Another option maybe his group membership:
- Check if he is member of other groups than all other users, if so, try to recreate the group.
- Check for local groups membership.
- Also check, if there are any special programs on his machine, lice virus scanner, the XP SP2 firewall or other programs in that direction.
Good comments Bembi :))

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