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I have a Cisco 1602 router connected to a cisco switch 2926t. I have configure a static route to my ISP for internet traffic and is used as default-gateway in my network. I would like to see the internetwork traffic that the router is receiving and requesting. What command can I use to verify that?
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Hi Max_sow,
If the router is performing NAT there will probably be a command to show the current translation table.
You might be better off spanning the port which connects to the router and connecting a PC running the ethereal ( network analyser.

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You can enable netflow
 Interface Eth 0
  ip route-cache flow

Then you can use "show ip cache flow"

If you setup NTOP, you can export the nflow data to the NTOP server
You can achieve this through the "debug ip packet" command , however, this is very CPU intensive and would be better to refine the command a bit more. Use
"debug ip packet ?" command to further refine your match criteria. the "u all" command will stop the collection process, be careful with this command you can overload your router. You could also create an access-list matching on the traffic you are looking for and specify that access-list using the "debug ip packet <acl#> The other option is to span a port and use etherreal as stated above.

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