Data Export from Sun to Windows Box

I have a Sun solaris box here, I need to export some data from this computer to my windows machine. Both are are connected to internet using lynsys router. I assigned a temp Ip( to solaris box, now I need to dump data from this box to another xp machine(ip: . I tried to connect to solaris box by going to Xp machine and from command prompt
ftp , it ask for user name , so I put root and then it ask for password, but I dont have a password on solaris box now.
tell me what else I need to do?
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I think it is easier for you to use FTP to transfer the date between the Windows PC and Solaris box.

if you don't have a login account, you can't do it. (I assume the Solaris box is the one you
have reset the root password in your other question.)

It is not good to allow FTP login for root, insecure! (FTP should be replace by secure shell/secure ftp in pratical, sinece you are playing at home, it is good enough).

login as root to your Solaris box, run:

to add a user. "admintool" is GUI, very easy to user. if you have problem, please read
the Solaris administrator's Guide, you can get all the Sun docs from:

Install GUI FTP client for you Windows XP PC, eg:
other GUI FTP client

login as a normal user and transfer files.

secure way:
download openssh from:

search EE to find out how to set it up. (I have answered question for Solaris ssh

then install secure shell client for Windows PC, eg:


set up samba (more complicated to setup):

PS: this could be a big question, it depands on your experience.
> Both are are connected to internet using lynsys router
So two machines are in private LAN.
You can either do "passwd root" on Solaris box to change the root password, or
"useradd -m -d /home/ftptmp ftptmp; passwd ftptmp" to create an "ftptmp" account on Solaris box (asn assign the password
to ftptmp account".
So you can ftp into Solaris as root or "ftptmp" account.

yuzh provide more secure way.
However, for short time temparory solution, my way is ok.


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