Upgraded BIOS, stopping at Verifying Pool Data

I have an FIC VG31 Motherboard with Windows XP installed (It is a HP Pavilion 423.uk).  I recently installed a P4 2.8Ghz Nortwood / 533Mhz FSB which works fine except it runs at 2.1Ghz / 400Mhz FSB.  I tried to change settings in BIOS but there was not option.  I subsequently tried a bios upgrade through FIC but to no avail (BIOS update would not work).

So, I (stupidly I now think!) paid esupport.com to provide an updated BIOS which they duly did.  Although the update is successful and I can now change FSB in BIOS (and many other features that so far I don't understand), it keeps stopping after Verifying Pool Data and comes up with menu similar to Advanced Settings in Windows XP after startup.  However no matter which option I choose it just restarts, verifys pool data and stops at same menu.

Any help, solutions, etc would be gratefully accepted as esupport.com are not returning emails and don't fancy phoning their american support team from the UK.

Thanks in advance

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On HP site: http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/Document.jsp?objectID=bph07722

Maximum Processor core frequency
<=2.66 GHz Northwood,
2.0 GHz Willamette
<= 1.9 GHz Celeron-Willamette

HP provided downloads can be found at http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareList?dlc=en&lc=en&product=91012&lang=en&cc=uk&os=228#
This sounds like you don't get into the O/S boot process at all but the machine halts with this menu at the end of the POST process. Can you try doing a CMOS reset (often a motherboard jumper or you'll have to remove the CMOS battery for 15+ minutes)?
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livingstoncAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all your replies and will respond as follows:-

andysmith18 - I do not have a winxp cd as it was preinstalled on HP PC and you do not get any recovery CD's so cannot try a reinstall.

tapkep - Although the HP site says it accepts a max 2.66Ghz on the FIC website their compatability report has tested the 2.8Ghz / 533FSB and passed.  With the esupport.com bios upgrade I can access the menus and change the FSB to 133 and therefore to 2.8Ghz / 533FSB.  The problem is after it restarts and stops after Verifying DMI Pool.

rid - I have tried the CMOS reset using the motherboard jumper and with motherboard manual instructions, and no luck.  It still stops after the Verifying DMI pool, with same result, no matter which option I choose, restarts and stops after Verifying DMI pool.

Thanks once again for all your responses, any other help is gratefully received.

PS  Maybe narrowing down the solutions!!
Although the HP site says it accepts a max 2.66Ghz on the FIC website their compatability report has tested the 2.8Ghz / 533FSB and passed.  With the esupport.com bios upgrade

the above has me thinking hp like a lot of big computer manufactures get parts from all over the place a lot of the parts are oem branded what happens is thay get 50,000 mother boards from say FIC but thay have them set up for there factury to put all the bits on so the board may say its a FIC VG31 but it may be a vg29 this is just an example if hp say the maxemum for the board is 2.66 GHz Northwood then i wood try and configer the cpu to run at that speed to test it
Can you remove something from the PCI bus - some expansion card(s) that are not needed (NIC, modem, sound card) for proper boot up. Then, in BIOS setup, see if you can find something about refresh or reset configuration data. See if this makes any difference.
livingstoncAuthor Commented:
Hello once more,  I removed the Modem expansion card (only one) and reset configuration data, and no luck.  I have not mentioned this before as thought it was insignificant.  When I upgrade the bios from esupport.com the monitor (LCD) comes up with 'VGA MODE NOT SUPPORTED'.  And I have to switch it to standby and then back on again for it display.

Fed up from me yet!
'VGA MODE NOT SUPPORTED' your bios setings are wrong or you have the wrong bios for your mother board as you paid esupport.com for your bios upgrade you may have to phone the tec support all so have you tryed under clocking the cpu as per my other post
have a look in the bios for vga and see what it says

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livingstoncAuthor Commented:
Under clocked CPU and no difference, I think I will need to contact esupport.com as the only option I can see.  Not open till monday will let yous know how I get on.

In the meantime any thoughts or questions I could possibly ask please let me know.

ok try this bios and reflash your motherboard http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareDownloadIndex?lc=en&cc=uk&softwareitem=pv-9497-1&product=91012&dlc=en&lang=en this is your old bios so at least it will work

all so this is how to do a repair install of xp your xp recovery software is on a hiden partition on the hard drive
Use the following steps perform a full system recovery when Windows XP will not open:
Disconnect all devices including the Personal Media Drive and extra hard drives that were added. Do not disconnect the monitor, keyboard, and mouse.
Turn on the computer.
When the initial blue HP screen appears, press the F10 key repeatedly until a recovery menu appears. The progress indicator that first appears does not indicate that a recovery is taking place. The progress indicator represents the time before the recovery process is started.
When the Recovery screen appears, click Next, and then click Yes to perform a normal, non-destructive recovery.
After the System Recovery is complete, the computer restarts and continues into Windows setup. Complete the setup screens and wait until the computer finishes the setup.
NOTE: It may take a long time to complete Windows setup. This time varies and may take over an hour, depending on the amount of files that were stored in the user account folders (Like My Documents and the Desktop).
When you can open Windows, connect to the Internet as soon as possible to update the software on the computer as follows:
First: Update the system virus definitions .
Second: Get the latest critical system updates using Microsoft's Windows Update .
Third: Update the HP software on the system .

livingstoncAuthor Commented:
Thanks andysmith18 for info on repair install of xp.  I can get F10 to work and then comes up with a number of options I picked Windows XP Install / Upgrade Option and came up with the following error ' \$win-nt$.~bt\system32\biosinfo.inf.  Could not be loaded.  The error code is 14'.  Can't find anything on internet regarding this error.

I then tried the Recovery Console Option and the progress indicator appeared saying, PC System Recovery starting with the HP logo.  Then following error 'stop: c0000218 {Registry File Failure}.  The registry cannot load the hive (file): \systemroot\system32\config\security or its log or alternative.  It is corrupt, absent, or not writable'.
have you changed the bios back to the old one yet the bios inf error is because the new bios is not what the recovery program is looking for the bios you got from esupport.com is wrong for your mother board your board must have the hp bios i work for teleplan the hp and Compaq warranty service centre and after checking with other engineers they all say the same thing hp must have used some motherboard blanks and put there own parts on them its normal practise for a lot of the big computer manufactures
livingstoncAuthor Commented:
I am able to change back and forth from new bios to old bios as the esupport update gives this option.  I have also tried a bios update using the HP BIOS update on its own and now I don't get any error, instead after hitting F10 (or using the option in start/programs/hp) it sits at a blank screen with white cursor blinking (no A:) tried a few different keys no effect, have to switch off and back on again and then computer starts as normal with OS.

I disconnected all cables externally as you describe.  However, should I remove any cables stroke drives internally.  I have not added any drives, there is the orginal CD-Writer, DVD-ROM and Floppy Drive?

I have checked motherboard (as noted previously I upgraded the CPU) and it has a big stamp saying VG31.  I have checked here http://www.fic.com.tw/product/motherboard/1stmainboard_detail.aspx?model_id=80 and it looks exactly the same (same markings, etc.).

I try to phone esupport.com, held on for 10 minutes and  recorded voice message told me it would cost a one-off payment of $15.00 for telephone support as it is not included in my bios update.  So proceeded to hang up and reluctantly emailed them.
hi OK with the bios from hp you can boot normally in to windows is that correct ?
don't remove any internal drives or cables
as for the the mother board it will look the same as a vg31 same slots parts and bits but the quality of the parts is the isue the vg31 will have beter parts then the bits hp put on the board hp test the boards and rate them for upgrades you can only upgrade to the speed hp tels you as for esupport.com thay can tell you any thing then charge you $15.00 to speek to some one run you around for a day or 2 then tell you you have a fulty mother board my advice is to stick with hp recomdations for upgrades
now the f10 not working is a problam you may have to get a full system recovery cd set from hp to fix it can you put the old cpu back in and test with that ?
livingstoncAuthor Commented:
Yes, bios from HP works fine.  Cheers for clearing up motherboard situation, helps alot.  Very frustrating though that esupport.com bios update does not work as it does update bios and I can change settings (eg. FSB to 133 so it will run at 2.8ghz), just my luck.

Tested as requested.  Works fine, same situation with system recovery.
ok if the system recovery is not working you will need the recovery cd set from hp tec support the only down side of that is when you run it it will remove every thing from your computer and put it back to the day it came out of the box if you have a lot of data and downloade programs you want to keep i woo back them up to cd or get a external usb hdd

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