Cannot ping between 2 servers (windows 2003 servers)

Hi there

Rebuild my PDC from scratch and now trying to add second server to PDC.

Situration :-

Cannot ping between 2 servers (windows 2003 servers)

1.Router   -
2.Server 1 - - PDC
3.Server 2 - - workgroup

1.Can add client to Domain -> ok
2.Ping from client to PDC (reverse) -> ok
3.Ping from client to Router -> ok

1.Ping from PDC to Webserver (reverse) -> no

Using NetGear Wired Router DG834

Any ideas, most welcome.

N.B.Host file on both boxes.
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Have you checked if you have enabled firewall on your client server?
looks like a firewall issue probably check the subnets again
ImraneAAuthor Commented:
Yes, (Answer - no, assuming u refering to TCP/IP advance settings).  Router has a SPI firewall.  Lan behind that.

Thinking, when I set DHCP settings, I set the range from to 255.
Exclusions of 1 to 3.  1 - Router ; 2 - PDC, 3 - Webserver.  Default Gateway being 1.

Should the scope range be say 10 to 255, rather than 1 to 255.

This maybe causing conflict ?

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Not tcp/ip advanced settings, but the advanced settings of you local area Connection properties (check the settings for all NICs, as those settings can be attached to a specific nic. If this FW is set, you'd have to allow incoming echoing requests.

If you can't ping but still have all network functionality you need, I'd keep it as it is (maybe even implement this site-wide). Not being able to ping makes it more difficult for crooks to break in, although it also makes it more difficult for you to troubleshoot the system.
The router is not important here, because your lan is not working properly. I understand the router includes a switch, the one that you use. Please tell me if the above design is correct:

                 router (
                 switch (included in router)
           | |                     |
           |                  |    |
        DC            Member                WS (DHCP assigne address)

For dhcp the scope is (or must be)
1.The DC is also DNS active directory integrated?
2.The member server has joined the domain?
3.Ping from member server to DC work?
4.Do you have dhcp in the router? Is it disabled?

More after feedback.

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ImraneAAuthor Commented:
Hi Crissand

A."Please tell me if the above design is correct:" - Yes
B."For dhcp the scope is (or must be) " - made a mistake.  Was 1- 254 !  Changed it to 10-254.  Plus reconcile.
C."The member server has joined the domain?" - No.  When installing win 2003 server on member, tried option to join workgroup or domain.  Tried Domain, could not find.  
D."Ping from member server to DC work?" - No.  Reverse DC to member server, No either.
E."Do you have dhcp in the router?" - Yes
F."Is it disabled?" - Yes


Do all your machines have the same subnet mask settings? will see but not vice versa.

ImraneAAuthor Commented:
Same subnet -->
ImraneAAuthor Commented:
Used route print command.  This is result :-

Network Destination       Netmask               Gateway       Interface         Metric
                 20               1       20          20     20           20    1
Default Gateway:

Can't figure where out ?
ImraneAAuthor Commented:
this is for PDC
ImraneAAuthor Commented:
Discovered a diagnostic network tool within "Help and Support".  Within PDC box it passed but member server it failed !  But, I went to system and selected network adapter it stated it was working.

Return machine back tomorrow and get network adapter renewed (intergrated one....).  See if that makes a difference.

Report back...

Can't figure where out ?

This is the localhost, so you can connect to yourself.
ImraneAAuthor Commented:
Network card was goosed...
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