Good Smarthost or Roadrunner Info

Backround info: I have an Exchange 2003 server setup on my domain. My ISP is Roadrunner. I have a dynamic IP address.

Problem:  More and more ISPs are blocking email from dynamic IPs so I need to find a workaround. I got my username and password from Roadrunner and confirmed that it works by using thier web access mail client. The address of thier smtp server is I setup a smarthost using this address as well as basic authentication in Exchange. However as soon as I make the change I can no longer send out any emails. Eventually I get a bouncback saying that delivery has been delayed.

Question: Is there a better way to setup the smart host? Is there a good company other then my ISP that you could recommend that provides smarthosting services?
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why do u use host work on annonymous authentication
between servers......unless RR ask for it.......just change authentication back to
annonymous and mail should work...

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How are you configuring the Smart Host? Are you doing it directly on the SMTP Virtual Server?
If so, switch to an SMTP connector. By using a connector you can use authentication if Road Runner require it.

More information:

Also change the default timeouts for delay and fail messages by opening exchange system manager and entering the default smtp connector settings. In advanced, change the local and remote delivery notification times to lower values, preferably as low as possible while you are testing so you can troubleshoot the connections.
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