problem installing Fedora core 1

I bought new Seagate hard disk of 80 GB. I try to install Fedora core 1 on that but it is detecting only 33.8 GB. now how can i install linux on that new HDD. in bios it also shows 33.8GB. I have no other HDD avail to install from that.

One more question Can Fedora core allows to install it on 80GB first and while installing can i create win FAT32 partitions and then install win98 on that?
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If your BIOS only detects 33.8 GB, Check the jumper settings on your drive, sometimes a certain jumper setting will cause the drive to report another size for backward compatiblity. If that isn't the case, get a BIOS upgrade. If your lucky the upgraded BIOS will be able to detect the correct 80 GB. If that isn't the case, you may have the following options:

1.)   Partition and format the drive in a more modern system where the BIOS detects the correct disk size. Once the disk is prepared it may be possible that your OS will be able to fully utilize the disk in your other system with the old BIOS.

2.)   Most disk manufacturers will provide you with a utility (downloadable from the website), similar to ontrak's "Drivemanager". Once this utilitiy has been installed on your disk a 2nd, "extra BIOS" will be loaded which corrects the reading if your original drivers. Be carefull with these utilities, though, as they can fool other partition and disk utilities to report wrong disk geometries, causing those utilities to act weird or ruin your installation.

As for your second question, you can create a fat32 partition with fedora, but if you want to install windows 98, do that first, as the windows 98 installation will change the mbr and you won't be able to see your linux installation after that. If you install fedora after windows 98 you will get an option to install a boot manager.

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> but it is detecting only 33.8 GB
If BIOS upgrade doesn't resolve the issue, then your motherborad is too old to support the 80GB hard disk.
I have a lot of old Dell computers with PII 550 MHz or less speed CPU don't support the hard disk more than 64GB.
Don't use the new 80GB hard disk with your old motherboard, or you will have a lot of troubles.

Upgrade the motherboard (or PC) if it can not detect the 80GB hard disk.

Good luck,

pancoderAuthor Commented:
I got solution to my problem that to change it with another new on HDD. the HDD i bought has some problems and my vendor has given me a new HDD.
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