temperature measure

Hello all. I think this is a hardware problem. If not, sorry

anyways...I tried  to find a program for measuring temperature of my computer and couldn't find anything! Do you know any?

I'm asking this cause my poor Radeon 9800 acts really strange lately :CRY:

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NoDoubt00Author Commented:
oh comeon! stop eating turkey. it tastes bad anyway...
Depending on the sensors available on your mainboard, Everest home edition(free) will measure all, including hard drive but Everest will not measure temps from a graphics card. Not sure if this feature is available on your grahics card.
You could try taking the cover off, and aiming a deskfan into the case and see if that stops it. If yes, then it is a heating problem.
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NoDoubt00Author Commented:
I don't have deskfan. lol
NoDoubt00Author Commented:
127 F CPU temperature
and 91 F motherboard temperature

is it high??

and I wasn't playing games today and it's not hot in my room.
Those are about average.

But you still might be heat problems with the videocard. Is this all the time, or just during games or doing heavy graphics?
Or the videocard might be going bad. Drivers also could be a problem.
Forget about the temperature ...... what exactly is the graphics card doing ..... i.e. what makes it "strange"

logicbod  :o)
Could try mother board monitor, but as mentioned before, depends on the sensors on your motherboard,  should be able to get a case temp.  Other wise you could try a non-contact thermometer (about AU$60) to get the exact temp on the video card if you can justify the cost.
NoDoubt00Author Commented:
that's what it's doing
well I only saw it once. Most of the time it was crashing...
NoDoubt00Author Commented:
Well I clean my comp with all those stuff regularly, since my anti virus quit working on me...
NoDoubt00Author Commented:
I guess if noone helped me then you can close this
Did you see if there are updated video drivers for the Radeon?
Update the DirectX drivers? (at least make sure you are running the one the games require)
Try a different video card (to see if this one is going bad)?

How about some system specs?
NoDoubt00Author Commented:
where am I going to get a different video card?
new drivers??? ohh noo... no no no...
my favorite game doesn't run with new ones b/c Radeon are no better than Misro$oft
wlennonVP of Domestic & Int'l OperationsCommented:
If your Graphics/Video card is okay, the Radeon 9800 should handle the game, depending on the cards on board memory 64mb would be too little, but most 9800's come with 128 DDR RAM.

Games are also Processor intensive, and will use most of the SSE instructions, so you have to do away with as many recourses as you can that are running in the background.

There are two ways to see what resources can be told not to load on boot, one is to click on Start-->Run, type in msconfig (you should know what you are doing, and set a Restore Point first.)  On the System Configuration Utility that opens up, you will be concerned at the last two tabs, Services and Startup.

Under Startup you can turn off programs you can access from the Start Menu, if you don't know what it is, don't turn it off, and don't disable your anti virus or firewall.  Same goes for the Services Tab.

A good program that will do it for you, and tells you what each service does is, XPLite/2000 it that is the Operating System you have, there is one there for Win98 also, I use it on XPSP2, and have increased my overall PC speed.


I don't really need it due to the system I built:

Intel 3.2 Extreme Processor (w/HT)
nVida 6800 Ultra Graphics Card 256mb
2GB Dual Channel DDR 400 PC3200 RAM
4ea SATA 74GB 10,000 RPM Hard Drives in RAID 1 Array
Maxtor Ultra 133 IDE 250GB Hard Drive for Multi Media files and Backups
And so on...

But if you only have 64MB DDR on your Graphics Card, you will need more.

List out everything in you PC as I did above to the best of your ability, and it will help us help you.
NoDoubt00Author Commented:
P4 2.4 GHz
128 Mb Radeon 9800
512 ram DDR

well I don't need system sheck.  I just want ap rogram that will measure the temperature but if noone can give it to me then close this tread.
wlennonVP of Domestic & Int'l OperationsCommented:
Okay, here is a dual temp probe with LCD displays that will go into you 5-1/4" drive bay.  The product comes with 'Sticky Tape' adhesive to put the probe on the chip itself.  Cost: $19.95, there are many different models at this site:


All Others:



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Shane Russell2nd Line Desktop SupportCommented:

here is a good program that I use for temperature readings on the cpu at least. Not sure if that is what you mean. I know intel make a program that comes with there motherboards that tells you temperatures of inside the case and other places. Might want to see if you can get a copy of it.
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