Problem while sending from group ID assigned to mailin database. -- urgent

In my organaization we have some mail in databases which is accessed by a group with internet email ID. So when we send mail to internet from that mailin database we get a mail address display in the "from" column as a wicked one.

For your information we use SMTP gateway of our parent company which has email id as and our email id is

So when we send mail to internet from our group which has mailin database we get the display name in internet as  but the expected is

Can Any one help me in this regard. Its very urgent.

Thanks in advance,

With regards,
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Bozzie4IT ArchitectCommented:
Check the Global Domain document in the names.nsf on the server.  That has the default translation for internet addresses.  I don't think that a group as the sender, will result in a lookup for the internet address in the group document, so what's actually being used, is the default, defined in that Global Domain document


alshahnazAuthor Commented:

our mail is routed through two three domains and goes thru the SMTP of parent domain display of my sent mail is ""

1. our company domain (
2. Another domain (ext)
3. Parent domain (

Hope you get, what I mean. So how could I solve this to

Bozzie4IT ArchitectCommented:
Those are all domino domains ?  Then it's probably the last one (the one connected to the internet) that does the translation.  They could check the Global Domain document (but you should do that too)


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The group is NOT the sender.  Domino will put the following information into sent messages:

The "owner" of the mail-in, if specified, will be placed in the PRINCIPAL field, and when translated to SMTP, it will go in MAIL FROM + message headers Reply-To + message header From -- note that message headers are completely separate from SMTP headers.

The user.ID file used to send the message will be in the FROM field, which only gets translated by SMTP into a message header called, I think, Sent-By.  Many e-mal programs ignores this header.

So, what you have to do is:

1) Make sure the mail in name is a fully qualified notes name (i.e., My Mailin/XYZ/Company)
2) Make sure tha mail-in has an internet address specified.
3) Make sure the Prefernces for the mail-in specify this exact name as the owner

I have seen cases where the profile or mail-in record got corrupt, and the database or mail-in record had to be recareated.

If you want replies to go to the actauly ID of the person sending, you will have to modify the template so it either does not use Principal, or sets Reply-To to the actual user ID.
alshahnazAuthor Commented:

Thanks for your answer "Qwaletee"

yes I get what you say. but We have a group in the name ABC-DE. and we added the mailin database name in this group so that when we send mail to group internally, the mail to be delivered to mailin database also. similarly the mail from outside(internet)  to group also should reach mailin database.

So, what I did is added this group name in preferences place where you say. Hence the internet mail ID to the group is resolving properly in "TO" field when I send mail from Mail in database to internet.

But when I put the groups name in "CC: " then the same type of error display of name is seen in CC: How this could be solved. If solve this everything is solved.

If I put the same internet mail ID to the mailin database and delete the internet mail ID in group then members in the group will not recieve the internet mails.

My Setup is like this

Group name:  ABC-DE                
internet mailid :

Mailin database name : MI-ABCDE
Intenet mail id : <No ID>  

Hope you get what I exactly mean.. If needed I could explain more.

With Regards,

Bozzie4IT ArchitectCommented:
What I mean by 'translating the name', is the DEFAULT translation of all addresses, where no internet address is available.

A solution would be to create user id's for these groups, put in the internet address there, and use this id as Owner of the mailfile.  That way, the router can resolve the reply-to address correctly.


System is not designed to work the way you wnat it to.  It MIGHT work if the group name has canoncial form (groupname/companyname) and the group field has a specified internet address, and I put the full canonical group name as the owner.  But I would not be certain about it, and it could screw some other things up.

I can think of one other workaround.

* Create a second mail-in pointing to the same database file.  Call it MI-ABCDE-SHUNT

* Take MI-ABCDE out of ABC-DE.  Put MI-ABCDE-SHUNT instead.  So, now the group works like you want it to for internal purposes (that mail-in database is represented by the new name instead of the old.

* Make sure the old mail-in name, MI-ABCDE, is canonical (MI-ABCDE/Company instead of just MI-ABCDE).  Give it an internet address of  Set it to forward mail to the group.

* Make sure the OLD name is set as owner, and that the owner name is specified as fully canonical (MI-ABCDE/Company)

Here's how it works.  You open the mail-in database, and reply to a message.  Notes sees you are not the owner, so it sets PRINCIPAL to MI-ABCDE/Company.  SMTP conversion therefore sets the sender to be  Customer replies to  You Domino SMTP server accepts this, and converts name to MI-ABCDE/Company.  When trying to deliver to this address, finds a forwarding address, so it gets forwarded to the forwarding address, which is the group ABC-DE.  Message gets delievred to all the people you specified in that group, plus teh MI-ABCDE-SHUNT group member, which points to the mail-in.

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