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I'm having alot of problems with the file oleaut32.ddl. I downloaded the latest version of the file but when i try to replace it, it says windows is using it. I tried booting in safe-mode to replace it, But windows is still not letting me. Please tell me a way i can replace this file. i have win2k and the error msg started after i had recieved some spyware and removed it. My anti-virus(when it starts with windows) tells me it can't find the ordinace(something like that) 313 in that file. Now when i tried to install ad-aware se it says "the procedure entry point varnot could not be located in the DLL oleaut32.dll"
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Boot into safe mode with commandline only. Here you should be able to do the copying.
NewBornVisionAuthor Commented:
i am unfamiliar with dos commands. What do i type?
I have very efficient method of replacing files which get busy as soon as system operates in safe mode or normal mode.

step 0: copy the file which u want to replace in c:\ folder. (NOTE: or at any convinient place)
step 1: take any dos or win 98 CD which is bootable.
step 2: restart ur machine with cd inserted in cd drive.
step 3:  type the following line when cursor starts blinking in dos prompt.

xcopy c:\fileName  <full path where to paste the file>

give ok when it asks to overwrite the file.

that's it.
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copy "SourceDrive:\SourceDirectory\Filename" "TargetDrive:\TargetDirectory\"

Replace SourceDrive, SourcDirectoy, TargetDrive, TargetDirectory and Filename with correct values and don't use the quotes.

    your method will only work if you are using fat or fat32. This is unlikely with windows 2000, and this problem was posted in the  Windows 2000 area.

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Try using inuse.exe, it is an utility from Windows 2000 resource kit to replace files blocked by operating system, available here:
NewBornVisionAuthor Commented:
I tried to use the "inuse.exe" but i can't because there's an error in that oleaut32.dll file. When i press f8 when windows starts to select another boot option, the closest thing to starting in dos is "start windows with command prompt". i can't edit the .dll file because windows uses it when i select that option. I tried starting from the boot cd and the 1st and only thing that came up was the option to "select and restart last known good configuration". When I did that, it didn't help and when i tried to boot from any of the boot cd's "98 2nd ed;win2k;or xp" after that it just boots right to windows, even though at the start it says booting from cd. The last thing i want to try in to use a startup floppy disk. Only problem is that my floppy drive broke, and the other 2 i had as backup didn't work "i never used the 2 backups b4 and they were pulled from other machines". The light for the floppy drive doesn't even flash when it's connected to the power supply, So idon't think it's just a bad ribbon cable.
My next move is to get a NEW floppy drive so i can boot with the floppy and start in dos instead of windows with dos "as stated above". If any of you have any more suggestions on how to "just start in dos" plz tell me. I will raise the value of this question by 500 for a total of 750 when they give me my points at the end of the month for helping other people with there problem. So sad i can't help myself =). thanx for your guys time.
NewBornVisionAuthor Commented:
btw i have an ntf file system
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