Urgent 500 points Folder permissions

Have an AD gropd called AB

Folder A  <------AB has Read/List/Read Execute permisions (With inhearited permissions ticked)

           Sub folder A.1 <----------- AB has Read/List/Read Execute permisions (With inhearited permissions ticked)

                       Subfolder A.1.1 <---------- AB has Read/List/Read Execute permisions (With inhearited permissions ticked)

                             Documnet in A1.1 AB has full permission Read/Write Delete  (With inhearited permissions UN ticked)

Now i though this would give the group AB REAd permission on the folders and whats in them. And write on just that document.

I isnt working.  The document is still read only even with inhearited permissions UN ticked.

What my problem

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If your are accessing this file through a shared drive from a workstation, you will also have to change the permissions to the "share".
ellandrdAuthor Commented:
Acessed by a share on the top level folder A
ellandrdAuthor Commented:
Which AB has full control permissions set
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ellandrdAuthor Commented:
The erro i actually get is when i try edit the word dc in question it say the disk is full or write proteteced.

I have tried the same method on oter documents to check out the document is not currupt.

As soon as i give AB full permissions on all the folders it can write to the document.

ellandrdAuthor Commented:
sorry the error is the disk is full or too many files are open both or not true.

As i am the only perosn that has the file open and there is 250 gigs on the disk
ellandrdAuthor Commented:
Ok found the prblem dont know how to slove it.

It seems the folder that hass the word document in it needs write permssions on it as a tmp file is created during the modfify save procedure.

but this then gives write access to other document in the folder.

how do i tie this down
If u are accessing this file through share. then add the login name of user to this folders access rights. U can do this through adminstrative tasks in programs.
If this is a word document you can try changing the settings in word either not to create a backup of the document, or you can set another directory to store the "autorecover files" in (All set under Tools, options of word. the second under file locations and the other under Save - Always create backup copies.).  
Those are NT permissions, check the share permissions and remmember that the effective permission when combinning share permission and nt permissions is the most restrictive.  Also file permissions are effective if both file and folder have permssions

Therefore because the file has Read/Write and Delete  and you only have read permissions, this would suggest that you only have read permission on the share

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