System Freeze

Not sure if this is a virus, intrusion or bug.
A system with a fresh install of XP with SP2, Norton Internet Security 2005 was running fine until roughly 2 mins after connecting to net for first time via dial up. Was in middle of Norton Update when system froze. After a cold reboot, system froze after a few seconds of connecting, rebooted again and used for an hour under various conditions off the net, then when tried connecting again it locked up again only after a few secs.
Tried a last time running the task manager and wmiprvse.exe and wuauclt.exe were the only processes when lock up occured.
Does anyone know why this is occuring?
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What happens if you disable Norton?
Hi Sirjulio :-Þ
I suggest that you head over to download the cute little file, scan your machine and then,
post your results on their website, you would probably see "old" Norton entries and others marked as "Nasty",
you can remove these and that should trick the trickster,
Hope it helps,
sirjulioAuthor Commented:
The freeze occured after I disabled Nortons too.
Had a go at the Hijack this tool. Quite a good lil thing but it didn't return any result that is leading to my prob.
One thing i've noticed though is that after I connect activity starts to occur, even if i'm not using any network apps. it's after this activity starts that the freeze occurs. Could there be an app listening for a connection to sabotage?
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Have you already tried with another user?
julio what type of intenret connection are you using..... can it be work in Safemode With Networking ??
if Yes then can you plzz try there and can check if same freezing occuring there also ??
And if cannot work there then plzz try this, Goto Start>Run>msconfig>Startup, and click on Disable All
now goto Services section, and tick Hide Microsoft Services
and now untick all those third party services
restart and now connecto to intenret and just check if the same problem ??
if NO then u can re-enable each application\service at a time to trace out the culprit one !!

And if still the same problem.... then i think its due to ahrdware comatibility with SP2.... make sure that the drivers for your devices are up-to-date and compatible with SP2! :)
Try a netstat -a from the command prompt.  This will list all connections and applications listening for connections. Even when your internet is not connected.

Second point is try a different firewall such as the free sygate available from in addition to your current Norton as a temp. measure.

Make sure you haven't got any spywear by using an app such as adware available, again from

For more info on wmiprvse.exe see, but the wuauclt.exe is automatically downloading any new windows patchs that are SP2 this has been known to crash machines with slow connections, but also MS update site have recently been targeted by hackers who sniff IP's update and attack them before they can download the patch's.

I would recommend if you can killing the wuauclt.exe process before connecting, then visiting the windows update site and scan for you can either risk it and download the required or more safely write down the ids of the required patches, download them on a secure machine, then install them on yours...they are available from net search.'ve heard of POD or ping of death??....Well MS have now released SOD.......otherwise known Servicepack2 Of Death!

As previously mentioned make sure all drivers are uptodate and compatible with SP2.  There have been allot of know issues with it.

Hope this helps!!!

Good Luck
sirjulioAuthor Commented:
sorry about long reply time guys, it was bed time in my part of the world, these are all really good suggstions.
Pls give me a couple of hours to try them all, i'll put up another post when done, hopefully with prob fix.
sure no problem..... :)
sirjulioAuthor Commented:
Does this make sense?
I uninstalled Nortons and installed sygate, it showed me the processes listening for a connection, amonst them was the "Generic Host Process", upon connecting sygate asked if i wanted to allow it. I said yes and within seconds it froze. On next attempt I said no and now it's still running, in fact i'm sending this from the system now!
I've not yet found any info regarding anyone else having the same problem.
Any thoughts? Have I missed something?
is the Windows Internet Connection Firewall enabled ?? if NO then enable it and then check if same problem ??
Some info on Generic Host Process >>

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