How powerful must a web, email, Database server be.

Dear all,

My company is thinking of implementing some new servers in our company. I was wondering how powerful a server machine has to be for the following purpose:

1. email server
2. Web server
3 Database server

Can you suggest the specification required for each of the above application?

E.g. I was thiking of an HP proliant 150G2 (equiped with 1GB RAM & 3 Hot Swapable SCSI HD).

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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
That entirely depends on volume.  If you have a 15 person networking running Small Business Server 2003 with a small database used internally and a web site that doesn't do more than act as an internet business card, you could do it on a 400 MHz system with 512 MB of RAM.  

On the other hand, if you are expecting 100,000 hits a day, 10,000 emails a day, and the database feeds the web pages and your internal staff, then I'd probably do a dual CPU XEON system with AT LEAST 2 GB of RAM and a RAID 10.

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Why don't you think about Dell Power Edge 2850 instead ??

It´s far cheappier, comes with a Front Side Bus 800 Mhz, and allows you to create Raid 5 per machine, because it supports up to 1.8 Tb Internal Storage, as soon as 300 Gb Hard Disks are available. On the memory side it goes up to 12 Gb DDR2 Ultra Fast Memory.

See for yourself at ""

Best Regards !
Just a little advice : Keep the E-Mail and WebServer apart from the Databse Server, or if you have the budget, KEEP THEM ALL SEPARATED.

Best Regards !
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Best solution is always to have separated servers, not very cost efficient though.
As a former IBM:er I could of course suggest the Bladecenter from IBM.

Reason for my suggestion?
Brilliant idea to hotswap a SCSI drive, yes?
Even better to have the option to hotswap the whole server, that's one of the beauties with the Bladecenter,
selfcontainment and reliabillity.
web server pentium 111 with 512mb and 10Gb hdd
email sytem pentium 4 3Ghz 1024Mb and  30Gb hdd
Database server dual pentium xeon 2Gb raid5 hdd  

Seperate servers is best route
d_teranoAuthor Commented:

any suggestions for this scenario?

email server: 100 email users, running either a lotus domino / ms. exchange.

Web server: supports on-line forms, GIS internet server software (e.g. Geomedia webmap), ftp, tonnes of textual & graphical reports to be viewed online.

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