Printers assigned to an OU?

I work within a school environment and am reviewing how we manage printers and locations.  Currently we are using logon scripts using the Con2Prt utility:- Example

IF %Location% == ROOMD209 \\PrintServer\Printers\CON2PRT /CD \\PrintServer\ROOMD209

I am looking at placing all computers within a computer OU and then create an OU per room and assigning printers:- Example

•OU =       Computers
   OU=         RoomD201
   OU=               RoomD102
   OU=         RoomD103
   OU=         RoomD104

This has been done successfully on a test run.  The problem I am having is adding a printer per Room.  I go in to active directory select the ou, right click and select New – Printer and I get the following message:-
 (This printer cannot be published.  To publish printers on windows 2000 computers, Use the Printers folder)

Am I going about this the correct way?  Any Ideas will be greatly appreciated.


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In the printers folder rightclick the printer, select "sharing". Now you should see the checkbox "List in Directory". This should be ticked. Now you should be able to manage the printers in active directory.
MAZDAN2004Author Commented:
Thank you for your response rindi but unfortunately that is not the problem.  The printers are shared and listed within AD.  This is currently how the script works picking up on the share name.  Any other Ideas


If use Kixtart scripting to add printers based on group's a sample

if InGroup("DOMAIN\Room 100")

More about Kixtart (free scripting language)

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