one bluetooth usb adapter and multiple laptops


Given one bluetooth USB adapter, I want to use this to plug into one of two laptops to connect to the internet via GPRS.
Thing is every time I plug it into the other laptop there is some access code mismatch and has to repair.

Should I be able to use a bluetooth adapter in two separate laptops without this problem?

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Hi John,

Could you provide, Make- Model of your USB bluetooth adapter.

You can definately hotswap the adapter between both machines.
When you paired the device with the laptop did you specify the same Passcode for both laptops?

Can you provide more information on the mismatch Code error you are receiving and the repair process?

Let me know and i'll see what i can do.
john_123Author Commented:
Okay, thanks for helping,

The bluetooth adapter is Dynamode BT-USB

When the adapter is moved from one laptop to another it says there is a passcode mismatch.  So I proceed to re-pair and all is fine.  Until I move it back to the first laptop, says there's a passcode mismatch and so on and so forth.

Should the passcodes all be the same for laptop or different?

It would definately make things alot simpler if you had the same passcode for both machines
that way the USB device should possibly generate the same "link Key."

The link key is A unique, internally generated, access code based on a passkey, the Bluetooth Device Address (its type of mac address) and an internally generated random number.(this could pose a problem) the link keys are automatically generated when the devices pair. And once a link key is generated, the manual entry of the passkey isnt required.

Have you tried unpairing both laptops from the device and using manual paring when you type in a passkey on your laptop and again on the device your trying to pair with eg mobile phone. That way you should be able to use both machines without actually generating the permanent link key.

Hope that makes sence,
Let me know how you go using the same passkey.

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john_123Author Commented:


We've setup the environment again in the office on different computers and the problem still remains.

On PC1, the bluetooth device is put into the usb port, it is detected and we pair, we make up a code at the computer and the mobile phone asks to add the device and asks for the code.  All is accepted and all works fine.

We remove the adapter and place it into PC2, we pair (presumabely becuase PC2 has never paired), we type the same code as used originally and the mobile phone asks to add the device and asks for the code.  All is accepted and all works fine.

Strange thing is on the mobile phone, the same device name is used.  The device name must be related to the bluetooth adapter and not the pc it is in ?

Okay, we proceed to put the adapter back into PC1 but we cannot connect to it.  
"Error in pairing with device T610.  Reason Authentication failed, try pairing again"

So we proceed to re-pair (with the same code again)  and great pc1 works fine, and we can take the adapter out and in, restart the computer, aything, all works great.

Until we take the device and put it back into pc2 - "error in pairing..."

Which brought me back to my question - Should I be able to use a bluetooth adapter in two separate laptops without this problem?

ahh it seems the problem is being caused by the mobile phone and it storing its pairing information.
Yes the Bluetooth USB adapter will have its unique name. Just like how you can set your BluetoothID on your mobile.

If you delete the paired device (laptop1) from the mobile phone and then try and Pair with laptop2 what happens?
Also are you setting the USBbluetooth as a Trusted Device (or is there an automatically Connect option?)

Whoops submitted before i finished.

I use a billionton USB adapter accross three of my computers 2 laptops and one desktop.
The USB BluetoothID is set from within the drivers when its plugged into the machine.

Im not sure where your setting is within your driver component, but if you set laptop1's drivers to have BT-ID of say Lap1
then do the same for laptop2 except make its BT-IT Lap2
your phone should list them as seperate entries within your paired devices. and therefore have a different Linkkey for each.

once again, hope that helps.
john_123Author Commented:

Apologies for the late response- there was no solution for this problem.  The problem clearly lay with the bluetooth device in some way to do with a random key generation.  We tried copying registry keys to get around this problem.
In the end, we have informed our client that it is not possible with the dynamode adapter at present.

Thanks for all the help, will request a cleanup in the appropriate area shortly.

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