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Where is the "user authentication" option under server behaviours?

Hi all,

I am new here, and this is my first question, so be gentle. :O)

I have been using dreamweaver lately to create dynamic web pages. ( show results from a database, Logins etc.)

The thing is i have been creating ASP pages using VBscript and Microsoft Access as the database, up until now

Now i am having a go with PHP and MySQL.

I want to have a very simple login on my home page, which is gonna link to a members only area. oohhhh!

I am familiar on how to do this in dreamweaver as i have already done this but using ASP and access.

I have setup the mySQl database connections link, all that is fine. But when i select the Login form and go to Application/Server Behaviours/User authentication its not there!

I have noticed that it only happens on a PHP page. I can go back to a ASP page and it will be there!

Is there a reason for this?


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"Now i am having a go with PHP and MySQL." - Three cheers for Nikki! :-)

Welcome to EE! Looking forward to many questions to come. :-)  I admonish you to stay at "the EE thing" - it's really fun once you get enough points for the Premium Services, not to mention the lack of ads. :-)  Anyway, enough...

To get to your question (sorry):

I took a look, and I don't have it either.  I did purchase the PHP Login Suite ( http://www.dreamweavermxsupport.com/index.php?type=article&pid=50&id=65 ), and as I recall I may have did so because DW didn't have the built in PHP Authentication stuff.  PHP Login Suite works very well...

Macromedia does appear to have the PHP Authentication stuff ( http://www.macromedia.com/support/dreamweaver/ts/documents/php_user_auth_issues.htm ), but it's on the DevNet Resource Kit 2 CD.

So, unless I'm mistaken, I think DW doesn't have it built in.  Either buy an extension to do it, or try going through a tutorial and save the dough:


Kinda funny that Macromedia has the ASP but not PHP auth stuff, though....

nikkitrentAuthor Commented:
Thank you kindly CoolATIGuy!

I have paid for the extension for dreamweaver.

You certianly answered my question!

Thank you

n/p! :-)  Have fun!


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