Posted on 2004-11-26
Last Modified: 2012-05-05
I have a PIII 866. My system is having a problem from many time. When it is running it makes sound like the fan is being touched with some object . Also it gives me cmos checksum error when i boot it. I have a littleedge of systems and so i chhanged the battery of the motherboard as it may be a reason for the cmos checksum error. But it also doesnt help.
What should i do. Please tell me
Question by:hackwal
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    I would take a backup of the existing CMOS onto a floppy disk, and then try restting it by using the jumper pin on the motherboard. The normal way of doing this is to look at your motherboard manual (if you still have it) and find the CMOS RTS clear jumper. then all you do is power down the system,  switch the jumper block over, remove the battery for 10 seconds, switcvh the jumper back, replace the battery and power up.  Your CMOS should now be ok.

    As for the funny fan sound, try stopping each fan in the system 1 by 1 until the sound goes away, this will isolate the faulty fan , then replace it  :o)

    Best Regards Logicbod.

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    If you tell me the model of your motherboard I can give you exact instructions on how to reset the CMOS.

    Best Regards

    Logicbod  :o)
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    Try to change your Power Supply with a borowed one. If it works fine you're done, Buy a new one !

    Best Regards !
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    1) replace the fan as the the sound could be an indication it's beginning to fail (could try some oil first if it's ball-bearing).
    2) If the bios reset doesn't work (either by setting jumper, removing battery or bios-menu), flashing it would be a logical next step, if that doesn't work you'll need to replace the bios chip (if placed on a socket).  Replacing the chip can be difficult, as you'll need it to be programmed with the correct bios. You can either order it from the net, have it done by someone with an eeprom flasher or use the 'hot swap' method (risky but free).

    Blue Rishi
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    I would suggest that you go to the manufacturers website a new BIOS version,
    Install this and Bobs your uncle! (I would hope).

    >When it is running it makes sound like the fan is being touched with some object .
    As logicbod says, try to locate where the sound is coming from, hard to troubleshoot otherwise.

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    The fans aren't very powerful,  you can easily stop them with your finger without losing any !
    If you stop all the fans (CPU , CHASSIS, AND GRAPHICS CARD) and the sound is still there then it's got to be the power supply fan.  The only way to test this is to slowly stick something through the vent at the back until it touches and stops the fan.
    If you stop this and the sound is still there then it must be something more expensive that spins...........harddrive......... which will undoubtedly be much more expensive to replace.

    It's more than likely just a wire touching a fan though.  :o)

    Back to the CMOS problem , The BIOS update from the manufacturer is definetely the last resort, as if the chip IS faulty (highly unlikely as they're built like tanks these days) and you try flashing it with software,  you could make things twice as bad. If the hardware reset doesn't work,(CMOS RTS JUMPER) then I doubt anything will.....and your back to the new EEPROM .

    Best Regards

    Logicbod :o)
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    As far as the cmos checksum error have you actually gone inti the bios and saved usually by F10
    Some systems have setting in nvram (non volatile) which needs to be reset sometimes as it can get corrupted
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    If you update your BIOS with the wrong version or wrong BIOS altogether you get UNKNOWN FLASH or CHECKSOME ERROR. For AMI BIOS the file extension is .rom and for AWARD BIOS the file extension is .bat. My PC displays AMI BIOS logo and the truth is it's AWARD BIOS. It's AMI BIOS logo and AWARD BIOS. It happens because they are not completely assembled from the original company. You have to know a lot before flashing BIOS because I read a scary thing that it can render the motherboard useless, depending upon what you use and what you do. If you haven't tried updating BIOS don't do it if you don't have any compatibility or what so ever ... problems. It could be the battery.

    Example. When I start my PC I get to see the AMI BIOS logo---- Is it AMI BIOS?

    When I refer to my Motherboard book it says it uses AWARD BIOS---- Is it AWARD BIOS?

    When I visit AMI website then it says it's not original AMI manufactured mainboard but ECS manufactured mainboard.-----------Is it ECS Mainboard?

    When I visit ECS---- It's a different story---- The last tag in the mainboard model is missing.---- Is it ECS mainboard?

    The OEM signature on the mainboard is KOM P4V66... etc;...--------- Is it KOBIAN mainboard?

    It says Mercury mainboard.

    That's it. The BIOS site is and the flash utility that has to be used is AWARD. Did I update BIOS? No, I didn't update my BIOS but I know all about it because I wanted to know what it offers.

    It's that difficult. Wait a minute. Did I tell you about the different jumper settings? Some say the FLASH ROM size has to be changed to programmable size.

    Actually when you update BIOS the flash utility offers you to save your existing BIOS. Before you save it you should know if it must have a .ROM or .BAT extension and you have to power off the PC after the update process is finished and then you have to reset the CMOS or BIOS jumper to clear for a few seconds and then set it to normal and then START your PC. On the first place don't power off your PC if the flashing of BIOS is incorrect. The PC shouldn't be powered off while flashing the BIOS.

    If you don't reset the jumper then the BIOS will be over written with the old BIOS so don't reset it if your flash is unknown or if you have checksome errors.

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