Company network, laptops, Unlicensed software etc etc etc

Hello all

Can anyone point me to an article or resource that explains the pitfalls of a company allowing it's employees to use their own laptops etc on teh company network.
Esp since these laptops contain unlicensed software, p2p stuff and are infested with ad and malwa

I need to make a case for purchasing some simple desktops for company use.

Thank you

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I've not seen articles myself, but any company that allows ANY employee to use their own laptop etc on ANY company network is being ignorant and is opening the company network up to potentional viruses / hackers / worms / trojans etc

just ENFORCE a company only laptop etc policy and install anti virus / spy/adware etc onto these systems ie: a standard locked down build before distributioning to users and also a user acceptable policy which they MUST sign before given computer
Our company laptops can be used in domain or outside, but the user doesn't have the right to install anything. ANy installation is done by administrators, and the local administrator's password is not known by the user.
I don't have time now, sorry, but you or someone else should search around on . I the past year I've seen articles on that site that are about this specific topic. I'll try to dig them out tomorrow night, or perhaps someone else looking at this question can find the specific articles that reference this subject. Consider this post just a 'hint'.


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