Hard Disk failure running Win 2000

Hi Guys - my computer (well my friends whose I was trying to fix!!) when I start it up is coming up with "Primary master hard disk failure" and "Primary Slave hard disk failure" and making this horrible clicking noise. It cant book so I use the 4 floppy boot disks and once it's on the final one and is trying to setup the win 2000 setup is comes up with the following stop error:


I really dont know what to do to fix it and cause its someone elses computer its quite urgent I get it working again..

Hope you can help?
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
If it's making a clicking noise, it's pretty much dead.  Odds are quite good YOU will never get data off the drive again.  If the data is THAT important, then you can send the disk away for data recovery, but this is not cheap - typically $500-$3000.  (I once called support with the system clicking and I didn't have to describe the problem.  They heard it over the phone and told me, "So you need a new disk").
i have on a few occasions when faced with a clicking drive let the drive cool down completely leave the side of the system off with a fan blowing into it for added cooling.

then boot to a windows 98 cd or boot disk regardless of the installed O\S
get to a command prompt and start copying the data from teh failing drive to a good drive, was even able to ghost a drive to a new drive once.

but once the drive heats up and starts cliking you will have to shut down and let it col off again.

and with each try the usable time got shorter.


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Advice as above really.

The only thing I would suggest before you bin the HD is:

Obviously buy another HD anyway...this one is dead....
Plug the new HD into the machine along with the dead one as the slave.

See if you can copy any data from the dead one to the new one.

Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
All this information is execelent, and is what I would have recommended if I would
have posted before anybody else.

What size if the drive?
If it is HUGE, over 40Gigs. How many partitions are on it?

Anyway, check this link our, Though I think that your question is basically answered already.
But you can take a look here.


Also, on the clicking drive.
Do what [katacombz] suggested.

Take Care
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Windows 2000

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