Every day Windows Update downloads the same update - how do I stop it?

Using windows 2000 at work (networked within work and connected to the internet via NHSnet) on 3 of the computers (Win XP on the rest and Win2000 Server).

Every day for the past month the windows update icon has appeared on the task bar and every day the same update is downloaded. I have tried ignoring it and installing it and it is always there the next day.  I have tried going to the window update website but when it scans it says there are no updates to download.  Yet still it comes.

The update is Security Update for Journal Viewer (KB886179)

Anybody any idea how I can stop this happening?

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Uninstall the journal viewer if you are not speciffixaly using it - i've had simular problems with this in the past, and just decieded that although it is there as an update - its not actully needed.
Alternativly turn off auto download updates from the control panel, windows update options.

Obviously this is not ideal as you will have to manually check the update site on a reg basis, but might be worth doing.

Definitely turn off the auto-download update in the Control Panel, you will also want to remove the update icon from system trays. This prevents end-users from choosing the updates on their own. Also if the same update keeps installing search for it in Regedit and remove the key. This should prevent it from looping.
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Actually this tends to happen a lot for us...  we call it the "Update Loop"

if a user goes to the Microsoft update site manually to install an update, somehow the AutoUpdate client gets perpetually confused.

Our solution was to wait for the AutoUpdate client to do it's thing... then hit the "details" button... and un-select the updates.  That will fix the immediate problem, and yet leave the update client fully operational.

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DrDamoAuthor Commented:
Sorry to be slow to reply - I've not been in work so not able to check on it.

I don't think journal viewer is installed (although perhaps it is since updates are being requested).

I don't want to turn automatic update off - though it has it's problems it's probably the best solution for us

I will try removing the check box and see if that works.

I will return to allocate points as I am grateful for those who have given help.
DrDamoAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone.  

Whilst I am sure all your solutions would have worked removing the check box worked fine without having to remove any software or disable the autoupdate.

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