Cisco 1900 switch

Does anyone know if it is possible to vlan the ports on a Cisco 1900. Cannot find any Vlan options in the menu system.
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Hi hotdiggetydawg,
I think the 1900 has 10Mbps interfaces only. You can only setup trunks on 100Mbps interfaces so if it does not have any it is likly that it wont support VLAN's either.
Accessing the Virtual LAN Menu

To access the Virtual LAN Menu, enter [V] Virtual LAN at the selection prompt on the Main Menu. The following display appears:

Catalyst 1900 - Virtual LAN Configuration
VTP version: 1
Configuration revision: 1
Maximum VLANs supported locally: 1005
Number of existing VLANs: 6
Configuration last modified by: at 01-03-2000 18:35:56
[N] Domain name
[V] VTP mode control             Server
[F] VTP pruning mode             Disabled
[O] VTP traps                    Enabled
[L] List VLANs                   [A] Add VLAN
[M] Modify VLAN                  [D] Delete VLAN
[E] VLAN Membership              [S] VLAN Membership Servers
[T] Trunk Configuration          [W] VTP password
[P] VTP Statistics               [X] Exit to Main Menu
Enter Selection:
hotdiggetydawgAuthor Commented:

maybe the model of 1900 is different but I do not get V as an option.

Catalyst 1900 - Main Menu
     [C] Console Settings
     [S] System
     [N] Network Management
     [P] Port Configuration
     [A] Port Addressing
     [D] Port Statistics Detail
     [M] Monitoring
     [B] Bridge Group
     [R] Multicast Registration
     [F] Firmware
     [I] RS-232 Interface
     [U] Usage Summaries
     [H] Help
     [X] Exit Management Console
Enter Selection:
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What model #?  What COS version?
Catalyst 1900 Switch Models

Note Dash A (-A) models are switches with standard edition software. Dash EN (-EN) models are switches with standard and Enterprise Edition software.

VLAN software only comes with the -EN model #s.
hotdiggetydawgAuthor Commented:
Ok just found out that it's Standard edition. Is there a way I can upgrade to Enterprise?

Per the site:
Customers can order an Catalyst 1900/2820 Enterprise Edition Upgrade Kit by contacting Cisco at 408 526-4000 or, in North America, 800 553-NETS (6387).

This is legacy equipment though. I'd recommend getting a better core switch for VLAN's and redistributing this one as a workgroup switch.
Agreed.  A used 29xx series switch is only around $250-450.

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hotdiggetydawgAuthor Commented:
Nice one! I'm just using it for a revision/test lab, thanks for the info though.
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