What are  the main differences between NAV 2005 & SAV CE 9.0? We are here in small office and now we have to choose between those.  What are each one's pros/neg? Good web links with compares are welcome!

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There is not much to choose between any of the main AV products. They all have good detection rates, fast updates and acceptable user interfaces. Eveyone has a preference though, there are as many recommendations for Nav are there are horror stories about it, the same is true for all the products.

The best advice you can get is 'try them both and buy the one you like most'

This is true no matter what products you want to compare, Norton or McAfee, PT Crusiser or Jaguar XJS ;-)


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One of the  main differences between NAV 2005 (home user software) and SAVCE 9.x (corporate software) is the central management. Using NAV you have to install and configure every single computer. Using SAVCE you can do installation and configuration from one single console (Symantec System Center, SSC). Using SAVCE also allows to establish centralized reporting and centralized virus definition updates.

While all of the features above are pros for SAVCE there are also pros for NAV: Only NAV will be able to protect your POP3 mail traffic. With SAVCE you are only able to scan mails if you use MS Exchange Server or Lotus Notes. And last but not least: SAVCE is a very powerful software that is not easy to understand. If you don't have any knowledge you need some time for evaluation before installing SAVCE. Symantec offers really great manuals about its software (see:! But it takes a long time to be familiar with the architecture and the administration. Installing NAV could be much more easy.

- SAVCE is more powerful and very flexible in network environments that use Exchange or Lotus Notes Server. But it's more difficult to implement.
- NAV is less powerful and not flexible in network environments but offers mail protection for POP3 traffic. It's easier to implement but doesn't offer any kind of central administration.

If you don't have a technician in your office NAV might be the better solution (if there are only 5-10 clients). If there are more clients or there is technician who has knowledge in remote technologies then SAVCE could be the better choice.

Hope this helps.
For a corporate environment, take a look at McAfee VirusScan 8.0i Enterprise. This has a few features that SAVCE doesn't have including buffer overflow protection and spyware/ malware removal. One other thing to note: if you have any IA64, EMT64e, or other 64-bit machines, NAV will only run in 32-bit emulation mode.

McAfee's central management solution is called EPO. Symantec's System Center (central management application) is very network chatty .

Support wise, I'd say McAfee wins hands-down. They are much more responsive.
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SAVCE has 64-bit support but only for the antivirus client. You can't install the antivirus server on a 64-bit system. In addition you can't use VDTM on 64-bit systems. SAVCE also has adware/spyware detection and removal. But it's correct, it doesn't have the buffer overflow protection. Neither Symantec nor McAfee will 'win' if you compare the products. Both of them have features you won't find in the other one.

>Neither Symantec nor McAfee will 'win' if you compare the products

So true, best bet is to try them both then I guess ;-)

Yes, but not both of them at the same time on the same machine...
janekjAuthor Commented:
Hi ghana!
You wrote that with SAVCE it is possible to scan mails only if you use MS Exchange Server or Lotus Notes...and not POP3. But that is not true! SAV CE can protect also the POP3 traffic. Here are some lines of text from that manual:  "Getting Started with Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition" :
"POP3 and SMTP
Internet email
Lets you configure Symantec
AntiVirus clients to scan email body
text and attachments that are
transported using the POP3 or SMTP
protocols. The ports scanned for POP3
and SMTP traffic are configurable."

the email plugins on SAV CE are pointless they do not change the amount of protection you get all they do is change the actual time from when the file gets scanned. The pop3 can also cause problems with certain communication. I recommend not installing them.

As for using SAV CE on a MSE server.....always exclude Exchange diretories from Auto Protect and Manual Scans. SAV can royaly screw up something if it detects something in the folders for exchange. Lets see if your Exchange server keeps working after it quarantines one of the MSE directories :-)
Oh ya and SAV only supports one 64-bit processor chip for client installs, the Itanium II.

These are not supported at all on 64-bit system:

Symantec AntiVirus server
Symantec System Center
Symantec Packager
SAV Roam
Quarantine Server
Quarantine Console
LiveUpdate Administration Utility
AMS Server
The Virus Definition Transport Method (VDTM)
Context menu scanning
NTRemote installation
AV Server Rollout
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