How to start EM console in Oracle 10g

I am starting EM console from browser at http://bobik:5500/em
but it requested Database Credentials and Host Credentials

Where can I get Host Credentials?
I've installed DB on computer with WinXP and no users so when I start this computer it is not required any login/password.
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Answer with the Windows user name and password
Go in control panel ... user accounts

And look there if you see a user you could use.
If not create one, and use it for your host credential.

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Look in the administration settings for an OS user. May be you can find one there.
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When I installed 10g  I had to specify a password for SYS and SYSTEM at minimum......

In the em console in the host info put in your computer user & pass and in the system put in SYS or SYSTEM as the user and the password you specified for it.

Your password you would have had to enter when you installed wouldn't be able to install without it.  Try going into the user accounts section in the control panel and click on change an administratrator and click change my password.......this is time to try and guess which password you entered!!!

Documentation on getting started can be found at ...u need to register but this is free!

I can recommend the windows 32 bit 2 day database guide....very handy!

Good Luck!!!

P.s. If you want windows to ask for the password when you log on, click on the change the way users log on button in the user account menu...the option is there for it.
serg111Author Commented:
Ok, password was disabled so I enabled it now and got some "progress"

It tells me that "Account is locked" when I try to login as SYSDBA username SYSTEM,SYS or SYSDBA

P.S. I've just downloaded and installed database from
Do you have a dba group assign to the user you're working with.

Can you just try to connect not as sysdba ?
with system/manager

serg111Author Commented:

1) How can I check it?

2)username SYSTEM
password manager
give same error :-(

but I can login to SQLPLUS "/ as sysdba"
and I can login to iSQLPLUS as scott/tiger
Glad I could be of some help :o)

When you login to the em console under the host info use SYS and the password, and select sysdba from the drop down list.

SYSTEM should work but SYS def. has dba access by default.

Hope this helps.
serg111Author Commented:
I did, but it tells me "Account is locked"...

User: sysadm
Password: OEM_TEMP

serg111Author Commented:
Same problem...

ORA-28000: the account is locked  
Sorry for the delay, I just got back ...

Try this:

while connected with  sqlplus "/ as sysdba"

and read the following :

  ORA-28000 the account is locked
  HTTP-503 Service Unavailable

  Accessing Portal gives "Service Temporarily Unavailable." error in browser
  1. For http://middletier:port - Http server page comes up
  2. For http://middletier:port/pls/portal - There is the error, "Service Temporarily Unavailable"

  error_log shows the following error:
  [error] mod_plsql: /pls/portal/portal.home
  HTTP-503 ORA-28000 Client Logon Failed with error : 28000
  [error] mod_plsql: /pls/portal_sso/portal_sso.wwsso_home.home HTTP-503 ORA-28000 Client Logon Failed with error : 28000

  In the database, PORTAL_PUBLIC account is locked

  Unlock the PORTAL_PUBLIC account.


  Check that status that it is unlocked.

  select username,account_status,lock_date,profile from dba_users where username

Did you try it ? is it working ?
serg111Author Commented:
Also it tells me
SYSDBA and SYSOPER does not exist...
What about:

User: sysman
Password: OEM_TEMP

Just wandering.
Did you just installed a database or did you also installed OEM in it's own repository ?
serg111Author Commented:
SYSMAN login tells me "Account is locked"

I did install a database that I've downloaded from
It was standard installation.

But after installation I have added password for this WinXP so I can login to OEM (see above)
Just installed 10g 10.1.0 on my Windows 2000
went to the password screen and left SYS and SYSTEM unlocked.  Chose the same password for each.
could not find anything that made sense after the initial install so I continued with the instructions to create a new database.  This time it did allow me to select SAMPLES. and when it finished I was able to open browser http://<my computer name>:5500/em/console/logon/logon
When I use SYS or SYTEM and the password I get ORA-28009 connection to sys should be as sysdba or sysoper.
I opened a DOS window and somehow got sqlplus started?? Monkeyed around and at enter user-name: CONN AS SYSDBA lead to Enter password: and my common password was accepted
Connected to:
Oracle Databse 10g Enterprise Edition Release - Production with the Partitioning, OLAP and Data Mining Options.

SQL>Grand DBA to SYS
Grant succeeded.
Went back to browser window but still getting the same problem.
Tried a bunch of combinations with SYSDBA and SYS there but no cigar.
Back at the DOS window
SQL> create user myUser identified by pswd;
User created.
SQL> grant dba to myUser;
Grant succeeded.

Tried to use myUser and pswd in browser get Your username and /or password are invalid
Very frustrated.  Even if I get past this part I have no idea where the MEAT is!  I am just trying to follow the 2 day DBA.
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