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I have a wired Linksys router intalled near the wiring closet in my house (on a second floor) with two CAT 5 lines going to two different computers in an office.  The office is quite some distance away and on the lower level from the wiring closet.  The CAT 5 lines are routed through the walls.  I need to install an additional computer in this office.  Can I attach a Netgear wireless/wired router to the CAT 5 line at the wall junction coming from the Linksys router and then distribute one wired line to my desktop and either use wireless or wired to the other computer?  I just don't know if one router can talk to another router and still provide unique connections to the 2 different computers.  I would want both to each have access to the internet without either of the computers being online.   Your help is appreciated.   Thanks.
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Hi tonyadam,
You don't need a router. All you need is a switch. Just plug a crossover type network cable from the patch point in the wall to one of the switch ports and the other two pc's to the switch aswell.
If the switch has an 'uplink' port then you could plug a normal cable into this port instead of having to get a crossover cable.
If you wish to use wireless then you will also need to buy a wireless access point and plug it into the switch or if there is a spare port on the linksys router you could connect it directly to it.
Yes, there is no problem I know of with daisy chaining routers.  You might need to set the gateway for the router connecting to your computers to the IP of the router in your cupboard tho.  If you decided to go wireless you could just replace the closet router and make all machines wireless??  Obviously make sure you make all the required security precausions such as WEP and MAC filtering to start.


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tonyadamRetiredAuthor Commented:
Ok...let me tell you what is driving me to do this.  There is a very special sale today on a Netgear B/G wireless router and PCMCIA wireless card for $20 (after rebates).  This is normally a $120 package.  The reason I can't go wireless from the get go is that the wireless router would be loccated too far away from the office and my experience is that we would get very low signal strength.   I already have CAT 5 home runs from the wiring closet and my current router to the two individual connecting points in my office.  I simply thought that if I connected the Netgear router to the wall outlet in my office, I would be able to then add one more computer to my network.  I am a little confused by the two answers I got.  Trickys77 seems to think that this will work.  However, Grblades  I think is implying that the only way it will work is if there is an "UPLINK" port on the Netgear router.   Any clarification would be helpful.  Thanks.
It will work but it is a bit of overkill as it is more advanced hardware than you need. However if you can get it for $20 then go for it.
Were bascially saying the same thing.

If the netgear router in the office has a uplink socket, plug this into the wall socket leading to the closet router using a standard cat5, however if it doesn't have a uplink then you will need a cross over cable instead, which you can plug into any port.

This will apply wireless or otherwise.

The basic answer is yes it will work, although you will have to a have play with the setup when you get it, but this should not be too much of an issue.

Hope this helps,

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