How can i recover or override the Websense Manager Password

Hey guys i work at a pretty small hospital with a very slim IT dept. Everyone does their own thing. Anyway our web guy that handled our webdesign and also handled our web content filtering with websense was let go on bad terms etc.. Anyway now he will not return any calls and told a mutual friend good luck on trying to get in to change anything. Well apparently before he left he blocked some of the education depts online learning sites which is very vital with all the HIPPA training and such that is out there. I am the Network Admin and never have had to deal with the Websense. We always just told him what we needed and it got done. My question is how can we get past our current password that is on there and reset it or maybe even go about it to add an additional user so we can operate. I am really stuck here and need some help. The Edu Dept has Administration riding my butt ! Please help !
As of right now we have no way of getting into the Websense Manager to be able to control what we need to.
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I think you have a couple of options. First, I'd just call websense and ask them how to hack the password. If you are using Apache, they have an article in their knowledgebase that explains how to do it  (number 1110)  If it is using windows integrated security, and you don't know the local admin account, you can purchase a password cracker. I think the one I have is called NTCrack or something like that. It takes you through the system set up just like you are going to install  a new OS but it stops short and simply changes the administrator password. I think it is from St. Bernard Software. Let me know if you need more information about that. Another thing you can do is just unplug the dang thing. Not what people want but if you need to rebuild it or something drastic like that, at least the education folks will be off your back!

Another thing that is non-technical is work through management to pressure the joker to get you the password. Every minute that the Education Department can't get to their material, is adding up on his tab. I'm sure that he has already crossed from criminal mischief into a felony charge. I'd ask your manager to have payroll to hold his final check, if that is to late don't worry about it, have the hospital's attorney give him a ring and remind him of the consequences such actions can carry. It doesn't matter if he denies any wrongdoing, he isn't going to want to get any more calls from the lawyer or have the lawyer tell him the next time, it will be a knock on the door by the sherriff.

I hope something works out quickly for you! Sorry I can't give you a quick here's how to do it.
When I said unplug it, I'm guessing it is running on a stand alone proxy. That's the way we run our content filter. I wasn't thinking. You're probably running it on the firewall, aren't you?

That's ok... I thought of something.

You could set up a proxy on the other side of the firewall - you might need to use a well known port like tcp 21 or something to get through your own firewall but if you set that proxy up on your clients and have them go to the site through the proxy, they should be able to get wherever they need to go. Just boot a box with a knoppix disk. I'm pretty sure the STD version has squid.  You can be up and running by lunchtime.
Assuming you are using a PIX firewall, and you still have access to that, you can remove the url filtering at the firewall to bypass the Websense until you can get their tech support to help you recover..

Another option is to simply install Websense on a different server and start over with the rules, and point the PIX to the new IP address for the url filtering.

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If you dont remember the WebsenseAdministrator password please follow the instructions below to reset it

Step 1: Stop all of the Websense Services on the Server you are working from:
Step 2: Please go into the Program Files\Websense\bin\ folder
Step 3: Open the Config.xml with Notepad or a similar text editor.
Step 4: Once the Config.xml is open please do a search for the phrase "K2097153"
Step 5: Edit the found container, removing all characters between these tags:
Example: <data name="K2097153">B71368719ACDE94648104686B2C44DD51E4F3E32C76A3B</data>
Step 6: Save the Config.xml file
Step 7: Rename the "config.xml.bak" (also in the bin folder) file to "config.xml.bak.original"
Step 8: Start all of the Websense Services
Step 9: Open the Websense Manager; you should be prompted for a username and password.

this works
jrosha- you are the best. Thanks!  
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