Internet on wireless through switch.

I have a network of 15 PCs (win98) all connected via 2 switches.
i have just added a D-LINK wireless access point for several laptops (winxp). the laptops can access the network but not the internet. any advice?

network details:

wireless access point is a DWL-2000AP+
internet uses a proxy: port 8080

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Can you try a tracert to something like and post the results this should show where the packets are getting stopped and we can start trouble shooting from there.

If you are using USB wireless devices for the laptops, try using them in one of the hardwired machines to make sure it's not something like the browser proxy settings etc....

on the laptops, go to a prompt and type ipconfig /all
check the results against one of the mahines that is working
post the results here please
Is the internal port of your proxy? what is it's subnet mask and default gateway? can you get anywhere from the proxy? Or is there another device we don't know about? Who's doling out the IP configurations?  

The 15 pc's that were existing, have they always been able to connect to the Internet? What is their address range? Do they get their IP configuration from the same source?
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madlanAuthor Commented:
the wireless is internal. i will try the tacert.
madlanAuthor Commented:
The 15 PCs have worked for several years.

IP range is -

the wireless adsl access point is set to DHCP range -
no gateway
i have tryed fixing the wireless APs IP to and disabling DHCP, with the laptops set to: onwards, subnet, gateway
You'll have to open port 8080 on your AP (I'm assuming there is a firewall built in, like with most APs). If your Access Point uses a DHCP Server to pass on the network configuration to the Notebooks, you'll also have to make sure the proper parameters are passed on to the PCs.
You'll have to set the gateway to be passed on via your APs DHCP Server. just add The rest should be ok (You don't need to change the IP Range).

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You will need to enter the gateway into the wireless router config otherwise it will be looking for sites such as on your direct lan.

This may be your proxy but obviousy depends on your network topoligy.

If you can post a tracert and ipconfig /all it would def. help allot.


your subnet masks don't match.  Change the subnet mask on the ap to and make sure you have the default gateway set to ` and you should be golden
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