Symantec Mail security for Exchange SPAM_Statistics

oes anyone know how to read this thing.  What does it mean. I know what the DN = Domain Name but that part is easy.  what is the rest and how can I use it tune my heuristic Engine.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!--Anti-Spam Domain Record List" Version="1" Description="Contains number of hits per each SCL per domain-->

Thanks in advance...Mark
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Hi Mark,

Im not an expert on Symantec Mail, but seens as noone has answered I thought I would try and help!

Unfortuantly what you have posted is XML and unlike HTML the tags are custom designed.  Unless someone knows the Symantec Mail XML standard.

There's probabily another file that you may have missed that contains the actaul english!??

Good Luck anyhow!



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mark1perAuthor Commented:
After checking into it myself I found that this is the code version of a page that displays certain settings.  You can close the questions.  thanks
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