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We are having problems using Remote Desktop Connector to connect to various servers on the Internet. We only have problems connecting to servers which are on an ADSL connection, Leased Line servers work fine.

We use PlusNet as our ADSL provider and when I open remote desktop connector and put the server address in and select connect, sometimes the login screen is displayed, but sometimes the connector reports that it timedout waiting for a response. When I am able to login to a server the connection is very unstable, it often reports it is attempting to reconnect and the screen goes grey before coming back and working for 2-3 minutes then the same message is displayed.

I am told this is due to the strucutre of the ATM network and that the RDP packets dont like being split up as they travel accross it. Interestingly enough I dont experience this problem when I connect to ADSL using a different provider.

I have also been told that changing the MTU on the server I am trying to connect to will resolve this problem, though I have tried this and it hasnt made the problem any better. Is it just a question of trying different MTU settings, or is there something else I can do to solve this.


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what MTU size have you tried?

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ttnetworksAuthor Commented:
try 1400
ttnetworksAuthor Commented:
Same error using 1400 and 1430.

I assume its just the MTU I need to change, and theres nothing else that might cause this problem ?
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