Quick question about the PDC emulator role in windows 2003

I have found that using the admtv2 tool and migrating even after i have change my domain name to how it was in the NT one my clients have to rejoin the domain. in the event viewer it says "Cannot find NT4 domain controller"

Now if i were to upgrade an NT server to 2003 I understand there is a PDC emulator bit. Will my clients be able to log on or do they still need to be rejoined to the domain?
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You should not have to rejoin the domain after an upgrade from NT4.  After you upgrade to 2003, there is a new feature that will allow you to change the domain name.
georgecooldudeAuthor Commented:
If I upgrade the NT box to 2003 and then replicate the changes to another server then promte it and disconnect the upgraded server wiill the PDC emulator role stay intack?
Once you upgrade NT to 2003, the next 2003 server that you run dcpromo on will also be a master DC. If you disconnect the new DC, you will experience replication errors.  The PDC emulator role will stay intact.  May I ask why you want to disconnect it?  Is is for backup purposes?

Here is a portal that is useful for upgrading:

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I read your comment from the other post:

leew, If I have an NT box upgrade that to 2003. Lets call this computer A. Then I setup Computer B and replicate the changes to them. I disonnect computer A and promte computer B. Will the NT4 emulator stay intact this way?

I need a definate answer yes or no =)

Did you want just leew to answer it?

From the way this one is phrased, as long as you transfer the FSMO roles from computer A to Computer B, the PDC emulator will stay in tact.

Do you want me to post this there also?


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georgecooldudeAuthor Commented:
Hi cfairley,

Thanks for your help. Yes if you could post there also it would be good. I'll close this and continue in the other topic as they are both of the same nature now.
georgecooldudeAuthor Commented:
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Windows Server 2003

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