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PCAnywhere No Longer Works After Removal Of Norton AV

Hello everyone;
     I recently migrated from Norton AV to CA eTrust on 2 machines (1 notebook and 1 desktop).  I did the uninstall, reboot, install, reboot on both.  Since I removed Norton AV, my PCAnywhere no longer connects to any hosts.  I have removed and re-installed PCAnywhere on both machines (and went in an removed ALL instances of Symantec and PCAnywhere in the registry).  Everytime I get the same result.  It sits at the contecting to 64.204.xxx.xxx screen.  I have telneted to the PCAnywhere port on the host from both machines (port 5631) and I get through to the PCAnywhere prompt, so I know the ports are not blocked.  Any thoughts on what steps I can try.  Obviously a re-install will not work, since I have done this 3 times per machine (uninstall, regedit, reboot, install, reboot, test).

1 Solution
Just as a test, uninstall Etrust (could be the issue)
do these machne surf the internet OK? )thnking rebuild the winsock)
what OS's?
Have you tried just using Terminal Services?  Can the machines ping each other?
Make sure you run LiveUpdate at least 3 times.  Also check Winsock.
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NetGuruzAuthor Commented:
1.  Machines can ping each other, and I can telnet from remote to host on the pcAnywhere port and get the welcome screen at the command prompt.

2.  The host is Win 2k Pro and the remotes are Win XP Pro

3.  Live update has been run nemerous time.

4.  Same problem with or without eTrust installed.

Have you checked the Symantec Support site?


Also, anything in your event logs?  You can enable logs for both pcAnywhere and Windows within Preferences of pcAnywhere 11 - looked and didn't see the version of pcAnywhere you're using.

NetGuruzAuthor Commented:

I am using version 10
NetGuruzAuthor Commented:
Here is the curious part...

As soon as I turn logging "on" it connects.

If I turn "logging" off, it will just sit there at the connecting screen.

Welp, there's your answer right?  Glad I could help.  

p.s.  I refer to fixes like that as "F.M."

... "F'ing Magic"

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