Database Project Ideas

Hi there

I was wondering if someone could kindly give me some ideas and even a possible title for a Masters Thesis I have to complete.

I have a genuine interest in databases especially so Oracle.

Any ideas would be brilliant.

What are the main areas of concern in the database secor today that require research?

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One thing that would really help speed things up is to provide cross domain, multi-dimensional data cube support for (2n-1) logical processors running on (n) real processors (this can apply to single processor servers but is more commonly associated with multiprocessor machines). If this were available, it would enable analysis cubes to model time on the remaing logical processor and theoretically allow preemptive data reading.

This is clearly an issue that affects all major RDBMS and their associated analysis engines; the promise of a solution has tempted database designers since the concept of data-mining started (I believe both M$ ad Oracle have large teams working on it). Being able to provide some useful input into the problem would dramatically speed up database operations (recent quotes have likened the performance increase to being able to run the entire Google search engine on one Xeon processor) and would be, in my opinion, nothing short of miraculous.

If you decide to ook into this, I'm sure every expert on here will offer you all the advice they can.

Hope this helps,

PungwickAuthor Commented:

That sounds like a very complex idea, more on PHD standard than MSc :-)

Would you kindly explain the idea a bit more and what it could possibly involve.

Do you have any other ideas or topics? I was thinking of doing something along the lines of maybe datawarehousing, concurrency control on distributed databases, data recover on distributed database etc. Maybe something to do with enterprise database modelling etc

Possible title:
The comparision of concurrency control on a distributed and client server database

The problem with the above title, is that I feel I'am not really using innovation, more just researching and presenting already known facts. What do you think?

Hope you can help me further

Sorry bud, couldn't resist.

Drunk too much beer to be of any use to you tonight; I'll have a bit of a think over the weekend and post back if I come up with anything.

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PungwickAuthor Commented:
ok cool,

no probs have a nice night, thanks for the help anyway

What criteria are you using to determine whether something is of appropriate complexity? Do you want to do a project using databases, or develop some sort of new algorithm to do something (this is what I would think was more PhD work). Actually, while complex, I thought Pungwick's idea was a good one. You don't actually have to bite off all of it, maybe get an overview and then tackle an isolated portion of it.

PhD work tends to be more theoretical. People not so interested in academic work tend to take on more practical matters for thesis work at the master's level. I guess it depends on which school you're at, but where I went to school, you had to find a professor with whom you would work. As such, asking your prof's what they think you should be looking at is a far better idea than asking us.

If your profs all say "I dunno, what are you interested in?" without offering any sort of guidance, I'd consider switching to another school!
Right, beer free (relatively!) and ready to go...

I really have to agree with ala_frosty - your professor / tutor / whatever should be able to give you some good ideas. Typically there will be a list of possible titles floating around somewhere and past projects the tutor has worked on could form the basis for future study. I would also suggest two other sources of inspiration:

1. Choose a subject are you have particular interest in for reasons of your own.
When I wrote my first thesis (potential use of a ducted fan in 2 seat light aircraft - I studied aeronautical engineering and know far more of the theory behind aerodynamics than software design!) I chose it to form the starting block of a long term ambition. I still have the drawings somewhere and WILL build that 'plane!

2. Take a look at industry; they may have good ideas and be willing to pay you to research them.
A university friend of mine was given a Masters research project by Lola (the racing car people) to investigate the airflow around different types of tyre on racing cars. As far as I remember, it wasn't a massively interesting project but the pay kept him in beer for the year. Again, your tutor should be able to help you out if you go down this route. It may also be worth getting in touch with whoever maintains the SQL ANSI standard and see if they're heading off in any exciting new ways(!).

One idea I had - this isn't original so please don't laugh too loud if it's pants! - is to take a standard database and investigate ways of 'auto-building' an object model from it. The input and output format are pretty much irrelevant (i.e., it should be able to read any given RDBMS database and output to any given language - this is pure symantics anyway) but there should be no reason not to develop the idea in, say, Oracle & Java and explain how you'd take it from there. The end result would have to be able to query the database, make sense of the table relationships, etc. and build a skeleton object model from it. This skelton should have at least the basic data structure, property definitions, standard update / retrieve / delete methods and so on. Some things you'd need to consider are...
* optional 1-1 joins. If a base table has a variety of child tables hanging of it on 1-1 joins, the base table can probably become a base class and the child tables inherited classes.
* 1 - many joins. Implies a collection.
* any standardised naming conventions that would help your system work
* possibly a way of inspecting sprocs to see if they can bcome standard methods in your objects
* impact on the devlopment community (is it worth-while?). A system that generates a useful OO framework would save a lot of development time handling basic property generation and so on. A system that generates a poor OO framework would be worse than useless. IMHO, a well-rounded thesis should assess the socio-economic impact of the subject matter. In this case, would it be a benefit to system builders?, could it form a first-step to true self-writing code?, would a product based on your ideas be marketable? and so on.

Hope this helps (with a little more sincerity than last time!),


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PungwickAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the reply. I have been to see my tutor who deals specifically with the database related msc projects. He has one project left which is:

"This project involves the investigation of logic languages for the formulation of trust policies in the context of the Web"

I had a chat to him and he said the project is to do with, say for example someone sits on a terminal and they want to buy something of someone who they dont know. How can you trust the person to be genuine?

I was wondering if any of you could give me some information as regards to what this project may involve andv how it could possibly be implemented? How would it fit in with databases, any ideas on what type of logic languages could be used???

I hope someone could help


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