keep same IP always in router

In the network shown at

I would like the webserver to always have the same IP, even after shutdown and reboot of all computers.  Right now it gets the first IP available and I need to have port forwarding to a certain IP.

I hope this is a simple question.

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Hi CrestoneCreations,
You need to configure the web server with a static IP address which is outside the range provided by the Linksys router.
Before making the change bring up a DOS window and type 'ipconfig/all' and note the DNS servers and the default gateway listed. When you manually configure the IP address you will also need to manually set these values.
Agree with grblades.
Use the procedure I explained in your last question post:

The DCHP scope starts at .100 +
Statically assign the server something like
CrestoneCreationsAuthor Commented:
grblades - thanks for your reply.   I tried to do the ipconfig/all in terminal (macintosh here) and it did not run.  I tried to get more info through ipconfig man (unix) and got some info, but not enough to tell me what is up.  I do have other means to ID the ip of the machines, but it changes every time I shut down and reboot.  The web server is a test for now (running it at home office to learn server software before moving it to a data center) and so I am shutting it down.  Depending on the restart order, it gets a new IP each time.  That is what I am trying to fix to be the same all the time, so the machine plugged into the ethernet connection point number 3, for example, always gets

lrmoore -  yes, I understand the port forwarding concept, what I don't understand, as you may have understood from my paragraph above, it is this part where you say -
"Suggest using a permaent static IP address for the said web/mail server. Simply choose something that is in the range before the DHCP pool, like to assign to the server."

that is where I am lost inside my router control panel.

here is the manual for my router:

thanks !
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Looking at page 20, there is an entry where the DHCP addresses start. This is .100 by default.
That means that addresses from .2 - .99 are available for you to statically assign to your servers, pcs, printers, whatever. There is absolutely nothing else that you have to do on the router for those addresses.
Simply manually assign one of those addresses to the server, in the server's TCP/IP properties.

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CrestoneCreationsAuthor Commented:
so, I don't direct it from the router - I direct it from the server ... ok, I'll explore that, thanks, but until I figure out how to do that it will be necessary to port forward to whichever IP the router dynamically assigns ...
I am surprised that you can't point at one of those little holes where you plug your ethernet and have the Linksys say - ok, you, you are such and such IP, but I defer to your experience in this and thank you for hanging in there !  


If you can set up a DHCP reservation, that will ensure that the web server (recognized by its MAC address) is always assigned the same IP address via DHCP.  The more things DHCP issues besides just an IP address (such as DNS server addresses, etc), the better this option compares against statically configuring servers.

CrestoneCreationsAuthor Commented:
PennGwyn - thanks.
Is this something which is possible with my router?  Full details of the router and links to manuals, etc. listed above.
Unfortunately, no it is not possible with your router.
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