email virus

I have a friend who is recieving about 10 e-mails a day that are blocked by Nortan announcing that they have virus. I have adviced her to change her adress is the correct thing to do? Can I set Nortan to delete such messages so she does not see them.

Her Nortan scan is clean.


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how is she receiving emails using any email client ?

are those 10 emails the same email.

give us some more details about what those emails contain.. donot open them but check the FROM field and post here.

can those emails be accessed going through webmail and if yes , remove them if they are not needed..
Hello 123nitab, how you doing..... =)

>> that are blocked by Nortan announcing that they have virus
Which virus, i mean does Norton not tell that they are infected with "which" virus ??
normally and usually such  mails are the result of netsky virus >>
> I have adviced her to change her adress is the correct thing to do?

do u mean change her email address.. If she has not been using that email account for a long time , she can do that but if that account is being used for many purposes then obviously she cannot change that..

you can set norton in such a way if virus is found , it can delete that email.. not sure what version u have so i cannot be specific on that.
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I suggest you disable norton email scanning, and once every now and then scan your computer, OR  you can uninstall norton and install another virus program there are also some Free Email Virus Scanners and you could just disbale Norton. If you are going to unistall norton, go to Start->Run->msconfig.exe and got to services disbale all norton services after you uninstalled and restarted, because  norton will leave its Norton Blocking Script there after its unistall which slows down you startup.
123nitabAuthor Commented:
Outlook Express
Sober virus
All the email look different I have blocked more than 40.
Most subject lines say mail delivery failure or something similar.
She will never run a scan she needs something automatic.
I tried the Sober virus fix and it is not on her computer.
I am fine :-) U?

Thanks so much,


One of the reasons why she might be getting these many virus related emails is that her email address could be some of her friends address book and the virus in their computer would be sending emails to all their address book.
There could be no control on ur end except to prevent those emails from opening.

You can also create a mail rule in OE so that if emails contain certain words in their subject or FROM field , those emails wont be downloaded from the server to start with. Create a rule like that and see if that would help..

Otherwise , you just have to be careful in opening those kind of emails


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What you need to do is open the NAV control pannel, go to options and on the left side bar pick e-mail (the options for email scanning)
there you need to pick "Clean, then silently delete if cannot clean" or something like that.
Then she will not see the norton message pop-up.
Good luck!
nitab read here >>
does she face any symptom as described there ??
I would recommend also not to use Outlook express.  If she need a free client, there are several, such as Eudora, and open office's email client.  Outlook Express has more holes in it that swiss cheese (no offense to the Swiss people)

123nitabAuthor Commented:
So sorry I have been so busy I fogot to close this. I appreciate all the help. My internet server is the satilite that just lost comunication so my life has been lo-tech lately. I am at a coffee shop today finishing online school.

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