mup.sys hanging win xp

i cant boot into win xp
in safe mode it stops at mup.sys

i roignally had this problem last week and though my h-drive had broke
reinstall xp on my hdrive
and everything worked fine
then last night i got the problem again

i need to sort my pc out
so to cut a long story short i i gutted and rebuilt my pc

just turned it back on and i still have the problem

i tried reinstalling xpor getting to recovery console and when it gettings to the starting windows page
it hangs

i tried everything swapping ram, enabling vga mode
everything bloody thing

now i am about to smash my stupid computer is
i am really desperate and need any advice on how i can stop this from happening again
or how it happened ion the first place

i am currenly about to reinstall windows on the hd-drive i took out
plug that into my pc
turn my new hdrive into a slave then grab everything off it

this is the second time it happened to two different drives on two differemt ram/cpu set ups

in both instances i didnt do anything to the pcs

the problem misterously appeared after turning on the pc
no updates no new hardware


i have only got 135 points but will increase to whatever i have avauilble for some good advice

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liseperuAuthor Commented:
i am running xp with sp2
Could be a processor or mobo problem after this many reformats? I think this certainly points to hardware issues,

"this is the second time it happened to two different drives on two differemt ram/cpu set ups" - Is there anything consistent in your setup ie any item that you have kept the same?

I look after stacks of XP pc's (although am still avoiding sp2 like the plague) and have never encountered this particular problem. If there is any one piece of hardware (or even software) that has remained consistent throughout your attempts to resolve this, then I'd maybe look to that. I'd also maybe check that whatever components you are using are on the HCL for XP,

MUP.sys hangs WindowsXP - solution
Introducing Windows XP

If this seems obvious I apologise - it never hurts to be able to rule things out,

Deb :))

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liseperuAuthor Commented:
well the only thing that isthe same is the power syupply
its only 3 months old
and is 440w

as far as hardware thats what i thought it could be

i replaced mobo cpu ram hdrvie

still got same problem
like i say i am reinstalling xp on my old hdrvie

i have scowered internet and loads of peeps have this prob

and everyone has a diffenrt solution
none of which helped me

i have never had this problem before

so i am at a loss to prevent it from happening again
as it just seemed to happen

for no reason - i am scared to turn my pc off now!!

why are you avoiding sp2 ?

i think this my be the problem
i also have auto matic updates on
so something could have downloaded with out my knowledge that messed my system when i rebooted the next day

i dont know
my other pcs run sp2 fine
but they both habve auto updates turned off

does anyone have a difinative answer for this issue?

out of interest does anyone know what loads after the mup.sys driver?

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remove any usb devices atached to the computer as mup.sys is something to do with usb all so any usb2 cards or if the mother board has usb2 disable it in the bios till you can get the updated driver
liseperuAuthor Commented:
i just installed xp on my other pc
tested it - it worked ok
then when i moved the hd back into the other computer i got the same errors
i will disable the usb 2 thingie and see
liseperuAuthor Commented:
i had one thing in the bios for enabling usb
i disabled it
still same problem

can i disable pci slot from bios or do i have to remove cards
though i have tried removing all cards

biut i did put them back in

am really baffled

also my cdrom wont let me boot
it just keeps asking for bootable cd
this cd is fine
just installed onto other pc from it?

can a monitor cause problems?
i did change my nmonitor
though this was after i had my first failure

liseperuAuthor Commented:
just tried installing another cdrom driver
not getting anywhere
that gave the same error

insert boot disk etc

whats going on
liseperuAuthor Commented:
i removed the graphhics card put a new one in
and the message i get now when starting up

system failure insert boot disk and press enter
althoiugh it wont let me boot
it just keeps showing that message\

any ideas?

during reinstallation/installation of XP :
is this what u faced ?
normally, when u try to load windows/os (especially XP) it'll hang when it goes to the blue starting screen.. ie : ih angs on loading kernel.dll, etc etc.. but normally it hangs around tht area.

during booting/reboot:
is this what u faced ?
sometime it also hangs when when u try to load the windows - ie : - xyz.dll not found etc etc.. and ask to ask u to reinstall the OS.. rite ?
well.. i faced those problems in da past. what i knew was.. it normally happend to those old clone machine or frankkenstinzed machined.

nor mally i would took all the cards out from the mother board and try to re-slot in again. maybe some time, while u were trying to adjust or move the h/disk, u have accidently tilted the ram/processor/agp etc. try to fit in those c whether does it fails.

another 1 thing.. as per old forum.. u have posted.. the defect m.board.. as what i do believe.

well.. i more thing u can try.. try to shift the IDE cable of your cd-rom.. means (try to use the other machine's IDE cable. re-shift it) it might help.

-best of luck : john

liseperuAuthor Commented:
ok i have tried everything
i officailly give up
i am calling the machine man tomorrow

after replacing everythin in side my pc
i am still getting nothing

oh well will let you know how it goes
k.. good luck..
liseperuAuthor Commented:
no joy
the computer repair dude is baffled
thinks my new motherboard is faulty and i need a new graphs card

would be better if i just brought a new computer

and chaeper

where is the mega-expert who can give a definative solution on this mup.sys rubbish

what happens after this mup.sys thing on start up

i tried to disable it and then it just froze on the driver before it


i found this from a friend of mine.. but u can try

what i found on the web :

Boot off the windows cd, load the recovery console.
Type "disable mup"
Hit Enter
All done, windows works. Mup.sys is the service to connect to Novell servers. %99.99909 of people won't need this.

Maybe an admin should sticky this. Almost every Win NT/2K/XP/2003 user will encounter this at some time or another.

another 1 :
liseperuAuthor Commented:
i tried to disable mup
and it just hung on the driver before
OK lets try some basic diags open the case remove all pci cards except the vid card now check the jumpers on the hard drives and CD roms are they set correctly next start the computer go in to the bios and look for an option to load safe defaults then reboot go back to the bios and set first boot device to CD place you xp CD in the drive and reboot attempt to install windows post back with results
liseperuAuthor Commented:
sorry i forgot to close question!!!

the problem was the motherboard
i replaced that with a new one that was faulty

bad luck!!!

so its sorted now
but the h-drive was ruined in process

all i can say is anyone who comes to this page looking for an answer to their mup.sys  problems

cus i dont know it could be anything!!!

thanks for all your help
i have awarded points to the most helpful
though no answers were definative

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Windows XP

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