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Is there a way I can stream the video output on my cable box so I can  watch TV from my laptop via  WiFi?
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The solution given will work, but if you wish a less expensive method - you can obtain a TV-Tuner Card (any brand - I like the Kworld ones for about $30 US) and use the server capability of Windows Media Encoder which will pick up your TV Card and send it over your Network to be viewed in Media Player.

Extra Note:  You will take the video in signal from your cable company and use a signal splitter, running one line to the cable box for your TV and one line to your server than has the TV-Card installed in it.  The Tv-Cards have their own tuners - but if you have cable that requires a box, then you will need to use the splitter on the video-out of the cable box instead - using Composite as source on the Tv-Tuner Card.  Then obtain a copy of Media Encoder from Microsoft (free download) and fire it up.  You will see an option to select source and you would select the TV-card.  If you cann setup a WiFi network I will not go into all of the details as it is pretty easy from that point on - it creates a Broadcast Address that you would point your laptop Media Player at.  If your cable is such that a decoding box is not needed - then you can use the remote desktop function of XP to change the Channel on your serverfrom the laptop.

Hope this helps

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