Windows XP will not install. Computer Keeps rebooting during setup

I was have a lot of trouble with my computer.  It kept rebooting while windows XP Pro was loading, even before it began to load.  Please read the posts here to see the history:

So I decided to format the HD b/c I was having no luck getting the computer to load. I found two sticks on 128 MB RAM and tested them for errors with Memtest86+ utility and they came back with no errors. I begin the install process of WINDOWS XP Pro and when I tried it from the 6 install disks, when it was done with the 6th disk the computer automatically restarted. I tried installing from the CD. When it was at the point where it formats your drive, it reached 0% and then rebooted. I tried again from the CD. This time it reached refomatting of 20% and then rebooted.

I changed the cable going from the MB to the CDROM drive, and that did not help.

I have a 80 GB Maxtor HD. I ran their Powermax program on this computer and during the test the computer rebooted. I took the HD and put it into a working drive and set it as the slave and ran the test with no problems. The test came back with no errors.

What seems to be the problem now?

Can it be with the BIOS, CPU, MB?

I even put in a different Video Card and nothing was resolved.

Thanks, Jeff
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first point of call i wood look at is the power supply then cpu temps and next motherboard

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jeffreytpAuthor Commented:
I just ordered a 600 Watt Power Supply.  I am hoping this will work.  I will let you know when I install it.  Thank you for the suggestion.
Check the temperature of the North Bridge and South Bridge on your motherboard....if it is overheating (i.e. extremely hot immediately after startup - 30-40 seconds should do)....the mb is the problem. If the PSU solves the problem....ignore my post. If the problem persists and the mb is fine, PSU is fine, check your RAM and lastly the CPU (highly unlikely). Was the computer working previously...or was it put together from different components?...lemme know....cheers!
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jeffreytpAuthor Commented:
It was working previously.  I disassebled it and reassembled it.  Now it is not working correctely.  How do I check the temps of the North & South bridges?  Thanks,  Jeff
basically you don't need to be extremely "heat sensitive" to know that a component is over heating....all you need to do is check it with your bare hands...also you said that you had disasembled and reassembled it...when you did so, did you take the processor and RAM off the MB?....any luck with the Power Supply yet?...cheers
jeffreytpAuthor Commented:
I left the CPU on the MB.  The PSU should arrive this week.
power up the MB as is now and try comparing the heat between the NB and the SB....if either is heating up exponentially....get a new MB :)
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