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I am working on developing a couple of websites, and want to test these websites locally, on one of my machines.  Some of the features I am incorporating in my websites, require Frontpage Extensions.  I have installed those extensions on my server, but when I publish to that server, and try to execute the Frontpage features that require those extensions, the features don't work.  I get an error saying that I need to have Frontpage Extensions installed.

The target box is running IIS 5.0, on XP, but it is not an XP server, just a workstation.  Could that be my problem?  Do the extensions need to be installed on a real "server" in order to work?

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coreybryantConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes the extensions need to be installed on the server that your FrontPage website resides on to work properly

You can install the FrontPage Server Extensions on a Windows XP machine running IIS 4 or later ( Download the extensions from the above address and install them on the Windows XP machine. Your pages that require the server extensions should now work, barring any security problems that would prevent them from operating properly.
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