faxhard.exe had "consumed" the processor and memory on a PC that I did troubleshooting for, today.  Found it running in Windows Task Manager, would stop the process and within seconds, it was running again.  Finally deleted it again and went to the registry, finding several faxhard entries there, too.  Deleted the registry lines and the PC runs like a top again.  Is this a new virus or spyware on steroids?
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sunray_2003Connect With a Mentor Commented:
As you can see that file is under java/packages folder , it is kind of very specific to say if it was infact a bad one or not.
Did you install any package recently and after which this file started to appear ?

Did that process take lot of processor even when you ran nothing ie no application ?

May be that file was in your startup folder or startup location in registry which would have made it run once you booted your windows and even without running any application.

Make sure checking these registry entries

if that file is present anywhere else..  
Also boot to safe mode and do a thorough search for virus , spywares and also search for that file.  That would confirm that the file is not present anywhere else.

SheharyaarSaahilConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello rlr685 =)

I think its related to malwares.... coz its an unknown file, could find only this hit on google >> http://www.geekstogo.com/forum/lofiversion/index.php/t2343.html

and 95% of the times, unknown files are just malwares\spywares\adwares related... and doesn't belong to some Hi-Fi virus.... coz we can find all the details about known viruses and malwares... but there are many out there which puts randon files on the system..... this faxhard.exe can be among them also! :)
rlr685Author Commented:
I walked in on this situation as part of evaluating the proper construction of a proper network.  (Routing is my expertise.)  Processor and memory were almost consumed whether communicating with the WAN, or not.  And, whether applications were open, or not.  After executing virus scans and several spyware removal programs, I ended by deleting all registry entries with faxhard.  PC is still working like a charm today.  Guess my gamble paid off-we were about to reformat anyway.
>> Guess my gamble paid off-we were about to reformat anyway.
You are a Lucky Man....!! ;-)
Glad you got it fixed without having to do those extreme steps

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