hard drives cause explorer to shoot up to 60% usage then locks up closes and then explorer is back to 0%

This is now driving me nuts - after lots of trying things, here is whats happening

I have a internal IDE 250 gig - scsi 34 gig - scsi 146 gig and 2 external hard drives - whenever I access my 146 scsi drive or my external drives my explorer shoots up to 50% cpu usage and will stay there even after explorer is closed and if I go back to those drives explorer will freeze and I will have to end the program - when I end the program then my cpu goes back to 0% - I have rebooted with just the windows processes to see if it was some background service, which there is not and same problem happened - I have spybot and adware and norton antivirus - I also have a program that lets me see deep into the services running on my computer - however nothing is running except my explorer at %50 and system at 24% and system idle at 30% - could this be the issue - I have no spyware or viruses as far as the programs tell me - my 34 gig and my 250 gig IDE have no problem being accessed by explorer

this could be an issue - I had a 17 gig scsi with the operating system on it and it died - I installed the operating system on the 36 gig and never set that drive to 0 - I didnt realize that the jumpers were in front not in the back so every time I reboot I have to hit the F1 key to bypass it looking for the master scsi drive - my other question is can i take that drive out and take off the jumper (which is set to 1) and will it ruin my booting set up??

I have a external 300 gig maxtor that if accessed becomes unusable after a couple of video drag and drops - this is really frustrating - by the way - my computer is a dell 530 workstation with 2 - 2.8 processors and 1 gig of ram

I thought that adding a paging file to those drives might help - since they didnt should I remove the paging file settings from those data drives???
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What is stored on the 146gb drive?  If you have a lot of small files it will slow the system down until explorer catalogs them.
> I have spybot and adware and norton antivirus
Disable "file system realtime protection" of Norton Antivirus to see the performance.
Most of time, "file system realtime protection" cause the slow down when you have a lot of files in that disk or directory.

Are the external drives also SCSI or USB? Is the 146gb external or internal?

Changing the jumper of your drive to drive 0, why not just try it out? you can't break anything. If your booting setup gets mixed up you can always return to your old install.

I'd only use 1 swapfile.

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> I thought that adding a paging file to those drives might help
Put the paging file to "faster" drive will improve performance.But on the external or slower drive will reduce the
Besides, the paging file need to be at the beginning of disk (inner cynlider or inner secotor) which will help.
In other words, you need to create the paging file before you put any other file on that drive.

Anyway, you should remove page file from those slow drive (external).

scooper69Author Commented:
36 gig 15k scsi internal- operating system and nothing else - lightning fast and no issues
146 gig internal - 60 gig of videos in folders - if I access this drive or do any drag and dropping explorer shoots up to 50-60% and will not come back down - system proformance declines untill explorer finally freezes and closes -
160 gig external firewire- has all video and back up on it - to much dragging and dropping will spike explorer
300 gig external firewire- forget it - this one seems usless - if I access it though explorer it slowes down to a crawl then closes
250 gig ide internal - runs like a champ and at the moment is faster in explorer than my 146 internal scsi -

I do video editing and this is really hurting me -

I took off the paging files function on the other drives - the 146 scsi and 300 firewire external were causing problems before I did that so now this returns it back to the way it was

how do I Disable "file system realtime protection" in Norton Antivirus ? I looked and could not find anything the said something like that -

it doesnt seem like something is globally cousing this problem since my 34 gig scsi nor my 250 gig internal ide drive (or for the most part the 160 gig external fire wire) - its just the 146 scsi and the 300 gig external -

granted the 300 gig has about 240 gig of video on it - it still had this problem when there was much less - and the 146 didnt seem like it had this problem when I bought it - plus its a friggin scsi!!! I expect way more proformance from it - but obviously there is a issue -

if you guys have a suggestions, try to give me more clues how to go forward with your suggestion -

as for the jumper change - I will attempt that after I get explorer to stop freezing and crashing when I accsess those two drives -

Filesystem realtime protection is the scanning NAV does during normal operation. To disable it you may habve to disable NAV (this depends on your nav version). You could also remove your video files from being protected. Somewhere in NAV you should be able to select the File extensions to be excluded from being scanned. Just add those extensions there (I don't know what extensions you are using, maybe AVI, MPEG or MOV?
How much RAM does your system have? IF you are dealing with large movies you should consider adding more RAM, as much as you can fit in.
> how do I Disable "file system realtime protection" in Norton Antivirus
If you have norton antivirus tray icon (on the right hand side of Windows taskbar), mouse right click on it and
choose "Disable File System Realtime Protection"

This will help to improve the performance.

1. How many SCSI channels you have on your SCSI card? 1 or 2?
If 2, then could you put 146GB (10k rpm ?) and 36GB on different channel?
Different speed of hard disks put on different channel.

2. Defrag your 146GB drive to improve the performance.

scooper69Author Commented:
Filesystem realtime protection - I have norton 2003 and dont have that, however I excluded the scanning of those two drives in the exclusions portion of the options choices - when I access either of the drives it was still happening - explorer would jump to 50-60% usage and even when drives were closed would remain there - the choice i did have in norton was disable auto protect and when turned off the issue on the external hard drive (300 gig) was fixed - I could fly around to all the files and open them and my explorer would on go to 20-30% for a second then drop to 0% like it should -
the internal 146 gig scsi however would still do the same thing - defrag said it doesnt need to be defraged ( I did it last week) however like you mentioned, I do have two channels (I think - that means two connections on the scsi controller right?) and they are different speeds - one is 10K and the other is 15k - the other scsi i replased was a 15k 17 gig and had no problems - so wesly you look like you are on to something about using different channels for different speed scsi's, (I hope)

is it norton 2004 that has that Filesystem realtime protection ? and is it different that just turning off autoprotect? I am going to buy 2005 in an hour or so - (if its out)

I am also going to get another scsi cable to plug it into the other channel - so wesly you have so far figured out the issue with my 300 gig drive and we will see with the different channel - is there a virus software you reccomend instead of norton while im out buying stuff? you have been a great help you guys - i will post my progress in an hour or two
> Filesystem realtime protection - I have norton 2003 and dont have that
Turn off auto-protect.

> is it norton 2004 that has that Filesystem realtime protection
It's on Symantec AntiVirus Corporate version. No 1 year update limitation.
Norton 2003 will expire on virus definition update soon (depends on when you installed it).
Norton AntiVirus should be ok. Most of AnitVirus do the same thing.

Avast! antivirus is free for personal use, you have to register it every year, but that isn't a problem. I think it is usually more uptodate than Norton AV is, as you get updates daily (NAV often has 2-3 days without updates).
I dont think there is any reason for him to switch antivirus programs.. NAV is great and very solid - well at least 2003+
Yes norton had a bad past but I do like the newer versions...

Anyway... are you're external harddrives USB2.0 also? or just firewire?
 if so consider purchasing a pci usb 2.0 controller
Firewire = great for video but garbage for disk io - too much latency

I do not think this is the problem though....

Turning off autoprotect may help... but not recommended...
You can try adding an exclusion for MPEG/AVI/MPG files in the Norton Antivirus options.
Not often do mpegs contain viruses ;)

The other thing - make sure if you are using XP that explorer is not set to show the files as DETAILS TILES or THUMBNALIS in the view options as this will read the files for information about the size, codec, bitrates. etc

Best of luck
scooper69Author Commented:
I am getting a SCSI pci board since the SCSI connectior I have only has one connection - It seems like the different speeds of the hard drives off of the same connector could have a impact - this comment was made by chen -

everything has been defraged and I got the norton 2004 and disabled autoprotect with no results

if I open either my 300 external or my 146 SCSI internal my explorer consumes 50% fo the cpu and my proformance drops - then I open 1-2-3 explorer windows and go to the task manageter and shut it down - the explorer cpu usage drops back down to 0% - otherwise if I just close explorer the cpu usage stays at 50% or more - I changed the view to list heading the advice of maurice -

I know this is hard not being able to really look into my computer but I am getting really frustrated - I am a video editor and am thinking I need to set up a different storage solution (I dont have a gazillion dollars though)

what do you guys think of getting a SCSI pci board with external and internal ports and use a server type SCSI storage solution - its really expencive for high volume SCSI drives and would rather use IDE or Sata - is there such a thing as a external SATA drives?  

if you buy a 300 gig external and fill it up - why would the responce be slower that my FAT formated 160 external drive - that has a ton of video on it too - same speed - out of the same firewire board - could it be a driver issue - it loaded fine and works other than the fact that it almost locks up explorer -

>FAT formated 160 external drive
  Go to "Control Panel" --> Folder Option --> View
and check "Use simple file sharing" to see it improve or not.
  Besides, could you reformat the 300 gig external HD with bigest "allocation unit size"
since every video file is very big. This will improve the performance.
Or simply divide 300 gig HD into 2 FAT32 partition(150GB each).
FAT32 uses very big "allocation unit size" for big volume partition.

  For big volume storage solution, you may want to check raid controller.
If you want to non-expensive solution, 3ware or Promise SATA raid 5 controller card or box
maybe a suitable option for you.
I built one network attached storage box (NAS) with 3ware IDE raid 5 controller
with 6 200GB IDE disks and its performance is not bad.


scooper69Author Commented:
the only answer that may be an answer is the useing a separate cable for the 2nd scsi drive - one is 15K the other is 10K and someone suggested that since they are two different speeds and working off the same cable and controller could cause some problems - problem is that i have to get another scsi controler to see if thats it - I would just get another scsi drive but cant afford a equal 146 gig 15K over a 146gig 10K - anyway - I am going to try this since this computer is for video editing and I got to get this straightened out - - if anyone may have any other answers than this, please tell me cause I have to take one of my firewire cards out to put in a pci scsi controler unless there is a scsi controler for those other longer ports??? ya know, the ones that look like isa slots? I have a gig ethernet plugged into one and dont really know what the port on my motherboard is called - I have two of them - they are longer than a pci slot?? if I could get a scsi that fits in that slot, I would buy one tonight -

just to reiterate - I have two scsi drives - a 34 gig 15K with my os on it and another 146gig 10K for video projects (including a 250gig ide and a 300 external) when I accsess the 146gig (and only the 146 gig) the cpu usage shoots up to 80% and even when closed never comes down and my computer slowes down and of course that drive goes to a crawl - thanks for your help

Have you tried to format the 146GG as FAT32? The reason is on my previous post.

scooper69Author Commented:
can you reformat a ntsc scsi drive to FAT?? I thought you couldnt - and would FAT be a better option on a scsi drive? - I thought ntsc was the way to go and that FAT couldnt contain a file over 4 gig and I have many files (single files) that are more than 4 gig - so if FAT cant contain a file over that size I can use it - what about the SCSI drive locking up the cpu %? do you think having two different speeds on one controller is an issue?

I do think I will look into your other suggested options instead of the external hd's - is your NAS set up using a gig ethernet card? I guess I could look up how its done -

my biggest issue right now is with the one scsi (146gig)

> FAT couldnt contain a file over 4 gig
Yes, you are right, 4GB for single file size limit. As the following article:

>  do you think having two different speeds on one controller is an issue?
Yes, it is an issue when different speed of device on the same SCSI channle as I addressed it before.

> is your NAS set up using a gig ethernet card?
Of course.

> my biggest issue right now is with the one scsi (146gig)
That's what I want to address. Comparing with other ok performance disk,
in addition to different speed on the same SCSI channel,
the filesystem play an role for the speed.
I mentioned that if you can reformat the 146 gig HD with bigest "allocation unit size"
since every video file is very big.
Then you can gain some performance from the larger "allocation unit size".




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