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round off in javascript sample code


I would  like to know how to round off to 1 decimal point in javascript. Any sample code? Thanks
1 Solution
I don't think that there is any function built into Javascript for rounding to a specific decimial place.
But you can use the custom function below.

Just call this function like this:
new_number = round_decimals( The original number, Number of decimial places )


<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">

/* This script is Copyright (c) Paul McFedries and
Logophilia Limited (http://www.mcfedries.com/).
Permission is granted to use this script as long as
this Copyright notice remains in place.*/

function round_decimals(original_number, decimals) {
    var result1 = original_number * Math.pow(10, decimals)
    var result2 = Math.round(result1)
    var result3 = result2 / Math.pow(10, decimals)
    return pad_with_zeros(result3, decimals)

function pad_with_zeros(rounded_value, decimal_places) {

    // Convert the number to a string
    var value_string = rounded_value.toString()
    // Locate the decimal point
    var decimal_location = value_string.indexOf(".")

    // Is there a decimal point?
    if (decimal_location == -1) {
        // If no, then all decimal places will be padded with 0s
        decimal_part_length = 0
        // If decimal_places is greater than zero, tack on a decimal point
        value_string += decimal_places > 0 ? "." : ""
    else {

        // If yes, then only the extra decimal places will be padded with 0s
        decimal_part_length = value_string.length - decimal_location - 1
    // Calculate the number of decimal places that need to be padded with 0s
    var pad_total = decimal_places - decimal_part_length
    if (pad_total > 0) {
        // Pad the string with 0s
        for (var counter = 1; counter <= pad_total; counter++)
            value_string += "0"
    return value_string

widiyantosgAuthor Commented:
ok... thanks

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