Mixing memory types

I just added a DDR512 2700 333mhz to my Dell Dem 4400.  I took out a crucial 256mb ddr 266mhz pc2100. I already had a 512 -266mhz in there.

After the install the os does recognize 1 gig of ram so that is cool, but what problems could arise from this if any?  I bought the ram for another system which does not need it and it was on sale at fry's for $29 so I hate to take it back.
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try to test whether is the ram faulty, buy testing 1 ram on / per mother board. else, it if goes ok, goto the BOIS, check the ram value.. hope it helps. or flip to your dell's "owner Manual" - pg -72

hope tht helps - john
Usually this is not a problem, as long as the BIOS sees it OK. The ram will just run at the slower speed. I would keep an eye out for anything weird for a week or so. Just in case.

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As long as all the ram in the system is equal to or greater than the minimum requiered ram speed for that MB there should be no problems
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The PC 2700 333Mhz will clock itself down to run at PC 2100 266Mhz alongside the other memory module.  Like said above as long as the BIOS detects it ok you shouldn't really have any problems.  Run a memory benchmark on your PC, i.e sisoft sandra and it will tell you what speed your memory is running at.
It should be no problem.
If you want to make sure, just run a memory tester for a cycle or two, just to be safe.


Good luck!
Thank you much.    : )
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