Oralce passwords

Hi experts
How can i find the other use passwords in oracle 9i?
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"find" password?
do you mean "how to ask" other users?
rooholaminiAuthor Commented:
consider this:
"I have DBA role and i want to know the other user passwords".
what do you mean by "DBA role"? administrator?
I'd simply ask the user
rooholaminiAuthor Commented:
By SYS or SYSTEM user
Here's what I have used as a DBA when I need to log on as someone who isn't available (or give access to someone else) for whatever legitimate reason - on vacation, sick etc.. and someone needs to do something in that schema.

Note:  Oracle's security model is such that you cannot get the password but the hash value.  Save this so you can set the user's password back after you are done - so you won't have to be bothered when the person gets back.

Getting the hash value:
SELECT username, password
FROM dba_users
WHERE username = 'FRED';

As DBA you can change the password to a new one:
ALTER USER fred IDENTIFIED BY newpassword;

Setting the user's password back:
ALTER USER username IDENTIFIED BY VALUES 'paste in the value you saved';

As for your 'DBA role' question.  Oracle provides for the creation of 'Roles' these are groups of access priviledges that let you either perform specific functions such as 'CREATE TABLE' or access specific objects in another schema.  The DBA role is a default one created in the installation which allows you to do most things SYS or SYSTEM can do - but not all.

Before you try any of this at work or home, I would suggest you invest in a DBA course from Oracle Education and/or get some books 'Oracle DBA 101' is a good place to start.
Good luck and be safe :->

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