Question on network setup (simple question)

Simple question:

Say you have a network like this:

DMZ (www server, mail server etc)
Internal Clients

What would the default gateway be for the internal clients? One of the interfaces on the firewall? Or do companies throw a router on the internal side ?

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The default gateway for the internal clients would be whatever device woul dbe the next hop to the Internet, as per the above diagram, The closest Firewall to the LAN. Now can the Firewall actually act as a router is dependant upon the Firewall type used. In any case, the Firewall is going to filter packets based on rules and forward them to the next hop, this can be either thru a built-in router or static routes from one interface to another (inside to outside; or in the above diagram the DMZ).

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What machine is giving out ips?
Is it one of the servers or one of the devices?
The inside firewall in your drawing should be the default gateway.
The default gateway is any device that knows where to send traffic not destined for the local network. In your drawing it is the only device on the local network, and therefore the only one the internal clients would know how communicate with.
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dissolvedAuthor Commented:
thanks guys. Is this a typical setup for companies? To have the firewall as the gateway for their internal clients. Just wondering if companies do this, or buy a second router for internal clients. I guess you could use a layer 3 switch too...
>What would the default gateway be for the internal clients? One of the interfaces on the firewall? Or do companies throw a router on the internal side ?
The default would have to be the firewall, but if there are any VLANs or other subnets, or private WAN connections, then there is typically another router on the inside. The problem with using the firewall as the gateway lies in its inability to redirect packets to a different inside host. Routers do this by default, most firewalls do not (certainly not PIX), so it can sometimes be problematic without another inside router or L3 switch.
dissolvedAuthor Commented:
thanks lrmoore. All I needed to know
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