What are the elements of Active Directory?

What are the elements of Active Directory.
After you use to dcpromo command to install Active Directory....   what are some of the features are added?
I know Users and Computers are added....  but what are some of the others.
Like the one where you can see where users log on and log off successful and unsuccessfull...  some links will really be handy.
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You didn't mention whether you wanted info on 2000 or 2003.  Here is some info for 2003:



spooofeeeAuthor Commented:
Dave...  So this is all the elements of active directory?
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There is a lot to Active Directory as can be seen from the above links.  If you are looking for something specific please ask!
spooofeeeAuthor Commented:
1) being users and computers...   just a link on it.
2)  where is unsuccessful log-on attempts kept.
3)  Need a good diagram of KCC  or KKC, im lost as a goose in a hail storm when it comes to that.
4)  What security does web servers use, aint it kerberos?
5) some good article on ip sec...

ill be glad to boost this up to 500 and give it to ya if u can help me.

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Lieven EmbrechtsSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
I'm happy with a NT4-domain.
Besides the fact that microsoft stops updating nt4, so it might become a security risc,
why would i need the functionality of Active Directory ?  What benefit ?
spooofeeeAuthor Commented:
Thanks Dave..  its 2003 Server.
I tooken Server twice in college...  I know basically what they do..  I know how to use the software really well. just when trying to explain it when the resources are not there is not easy.  I got a presentation to do for a job coming up tuesday..   on designing a network for this company....   just needed some basic info...   thanks for the help dude..  you saved me a long night of reviewing!
Happy to help and good luck with the presentation!
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