Want to Delete All my yahoo inbox mails....

hello all,

i got a 7348 mails from junk mailers....i want to delete them in one click....is there any way to doing so....i m just frustrated deleting 25 mails on very page....

please help me as soon as possible....

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Well, for starters, instead of displaying 25 emails per page, you can change that to 200.
Yahoo Mail>Mail Options>General Preferences>Inbox/Folders>Messages per Page: change it to 200

If you have a paid account, then you can download it using outlook and then delete it from there.

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Why are the messages in your inbox?  Yahoo filters most spam into the Bulk folder.  Do you have SpamGuard switched on?

Take a look in the 'Mail Options' section (top right corner of the mail frontpage)

Spam Protection - allows you to activate SpamGuard and decide what it does with spam email.
General Preferences - Allows you to change the number of emails being displayed

If you haven't already activated SpamGuard then you will have to delete the bad emails a page at a time!


You can e-mail to the Yahoo Administrator and tell them you want the mailbox emptied.

Of course, you have to save the Good E-mails ( that you need) on your computer first.

This is the easiest way other than of course by paying and getting POP3 access so that you can download the mails to your computer and then delete them.

You can also try YahooPops at this URL:

This YahooPops allows you to download all the e-mail to your computer without you having to spend a pie !
You can download all your mail from yahoo to Outlook Express and can then delete all the unneeded mail from your computer.

There is an option in it that says something like "Delete all downloaded mail from server" or something in the configuring options you get once you install the prog and it sits in your system tray.

The program is free, and clear instructions are available on the site itself.
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So the option I'd told about deleting downloaded mail from server works something like this :

It MOVES the mail from the Yahoo Server to your computer rather  than COPYING it...To make it very simple.

So you end up deleting all the mails on the server automatically.
You can easily select all the downloaded mails in Outlook Express and then Delete it with one click !

I'd personally prefer this option to contacting the Yahoo Admin first !
The problem with downloading the email is that, because it's spam, you could have hundreds of viruses embedded it the emails!!  

Personally, of the two options given by Praveen811, I'd take the Admin one every day!
I think the best way is to contact Yahoo. I am sure they will delete the messages for you.
Shane Russell2nd Line Desktop SupportCommented:
go in to your yahoo email account, change the 25 emails per page to 200 , then make new folder(s) for emails you want to keep then from there you can click the checkbox next to sender or go to the bottom and click on check all and then click on delete. you will probably have to do it a few times. Otherwise you can try and do what they suggested with regards to outlook. Might also be an idea to set up the filters on yahoo and block the email address's you dont want so that way they go straight to the bulk and you can just click on the empty URL next to the bulk folder.

I hope this helps
MSFT has greatly imporved their Hotmail and most junk is filtered out and the rest can be done with changing some settings. You might give Hotmail a try. And other new features like file size in and out and amount of free storage space. Open a new Yahoo account, and give it to all your important people, and let the other one expire or close after 30 days if they do that like Hotmail does, no sign in after 30 days, poof. Then open a Hotamil account too for all your important people. With a new yahoo account and a hotmail account, monitor both and you'll see a big difference in junk getting to your inbox.
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