Hard drive swapping

Hello, im not sure if this should be in hardware, storage or win2k so please move my question if appropriate.

Ive just built a new pc, but in windows my slave hdd is c:\ and my master is e:\ (with dvd drive as d:\)
Can i change these so my 'Programs' master drive is c:\ and my 'Media' drive is m:\
Also, will changing the master drive affect installed programs because its drive letter has changed?
If you need any more information just ask...

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You can right click on "my computer"->manage->sotrage->disk managment (local)

Here you can right click on a partition and change it`s drive letter, but windows will not let you do this for the boot/OS partition.

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cofneverlivetotellAuthor Commented:
Ok, well ive changed the slave to M:\  i thought rebooting may have shifted the boot partition to c:\ since it was available, but it didnt.

any sugestions? should i format and reinstall windows without my slave plugged in? then add it after windows is on... i have spent ages loading all my things onto this so other sugestions are welcome :-S

Lieven EmbrechtsSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
If you want to change the boot partition, the file settings have to change too.
Use PartitionMagic8 for this job.  Best of it's kind.
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cofneverlivetotellAuthor Commented:
Interesting - and PartitionMagic8 should change all my installed apps to work on c:\  ??  If so ill go get it after lunch!
Lieven EmbrechtsSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
cofneverlivetotellAuthor Commented:
Ok, I have formatted the drive and get to the windows installation (via the 4 win2k boot disks).  After the "rebooting in 15 seconds" message, which is after partitioning and installing windows, it reboots.  It then boots up and claims the system disk is invalid, there is no floppy in the drive (as instructed at the end of the first stage of installation).

Ive tried with floppies in, but it just lets me reinstall windows and then the same happens

Thoughts? - Maybe try running killdisk?
I am assuming that slave already had an operating system installed and was selected as the boot drive (assigned C).  You need to:

1.  Verify jumper settings and ensure that master/slave settings are correct

2. Disconnect slave drive if it is bootable until Windows is installed on other drive

3. Install Windows, partition and format (full, not quick) master drive

cofneverlivetotellAuthor Commented:
Nope, the slave had no OS on it.. it was purely for music storage
eitherway - ive sorted it by plugging the slave back in and installing windows, exactly as i did the first time... but they are the right way round again :-D

I will award the answer to Eladla for how to change the drive letters, sorry Lieven_Embrechts but Partition Magic wouldnt change my boot drive successfully, i kept getting errors and couldnt load anything.   however Lieven_Embrechts and willcomp will get some points for valid and, im sure, correct answers in a slightly different situation.

Thanks to all who helped :)
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