VDSL setup adds second router so VPN doesn't work

i switched from adsl to vdsl
vdsl is deliverred with a zyxel router which uses nat and dhcp
i already have a netscreen firewall which i use for vpn connections to work
the netscreen also does nat
how to setup my network with 2 nat routers and vpn still works ?
i tried to create a network between the 2 routers and port forwarding but this setup is too complicated and the vpn doesn't work
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Lieven EmbrechtsConnect With a Mentor Senior IT ConsultantCommented:
The easiest way is to configure your zyxel vdsl router in 'bridge mode'.
In this way your netscreen will recieve a dhcp address from your provider and your netscreen setup will be like before.  Your zyxel vdsl router will then behave like your adsl modem so no complicated setup is needed.
You have to telnet to your vdsl router and change the configuration from PPPoE mode to bridge
mode in menu 1 and 11.1

              Menu 1 - General Setup

                 System Name= ZyXEL
                 Contact Person's Name=

                 Route IP= No
                 Route IPX= No
                 Bridge= Yes


            Menu 11.1 - Remote Node Profile

   Rem Node Name= ISP             Route= None
   Active= Yes                    Bridge= Yes

   Encapsulation= RFC 1483        Edit PPP Options= N/A
   Multiplexing= LLC-based        Rem IP Addr= N/A
   Incoming:                      Edit IP/IPX/Bridge= No
   Rem Login= N/A
   Rem Password= N/A
   Outgoing:                      Session Options:
   My Login= N/A                  Edit Filter Sets= No
   My Password= N/A               PPPoE Idle Timeout(sec)= N/A
   Authen= N/A                    PPPoE Service Name= N/A
                                  Schedule Sets= N/A

It's still possible to remotely manage your vdsl router in bridge mode.

1. Bridge= Yes in menu 1 and menu 11.
2. Encapsulation= PPP in menu 4 or 11.

In this case the LAN PC can telnet to the LAN IP address of remote vdsl router.

More info can be found on zyxel's support website at http://www.zyxel.com/support/knowledgebase.php

good luck.

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