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I have written a UserControl in VB.NET and I want to host it in Internet Explorer.  I have used the method that is all over the internet which says you do it something like this:

<OBJECT id="Invoice" height="652" width="832" classid="" name="Invoice" VIEWASTEXT>

Where InvoiceDBControl is the namespace and Control is the class.  When I do this, however, I just get a screen with a window that has the same icon as when an image is loading, but that is it.  I have tried to do it by checking "Register for COM Interop".  Then before the class I add a GUID like this <ComClass("3EFA4B90-889C-41ce-8D46-B28AD5BDAE09")>.  After which I change my asp to look like this:

<OBJECT id="Invoice" codeBase="InvoiceDBControl.dll" height="652" width="832" classid="CLSID:3EFA4B90-889C-41ce-8D46-B28AD5BDAE09" name="MyGraffitiWa" VIEWASTEXT>

This works, however, if I try to use it on a different computer or even occasionally on this one (which I completely don't understand) I get the error. "Windows has blocked this software because it can't verify the publisher." Then it says the publisher is unknown.  How can I make this work?  How can I make the publisher (me) know to the program?  Thanks in advance.
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johnywhiteAuthor Commented:
On the second object name is also "Invoice" not "MyGraffitiWa".  I accidentally put that there from a suggestion someone else gave me.
what you need to do is sign the dll, this supplies the author and publisher information, a quick google of msdn turns up this which may not be a bad starting point

however when i had to do this before back i used information at verisign. this may also be a good starting point

certainly more info than at the msdn one

hope that is of some help


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johnywhiteAuthor Commented:
The first option didn't work, and the second costs too much.  Is there another option that I could do for less or even free?
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