Closing word hangs while closing

When I exit  Word, the document closes pretty quickly, then word hangs with a gray screen and displays NORMAL.DOT in the file heading. It'll close but usually takes about 5 to 6 seconds rather than shutting down right away.  This occurs even though I've made no changes in my toolbar or anything else - just open word, and close it.  I've got pretty customized and have Acrobat installed as well. I can't pinpoint any one thing that caused this to start happening.
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Try reverting back to the default version of and see if that closes slowly.  So as not to lose your settings you will need to save the current to a backup file ( and then delete and let word recreate it.  Once you've done the test you can restore your version.

Open Word with a blank document
(Presuming you use as default)
File / Save As
Choose Save As Type: Document Template
Should change to template directory
Give it the name and save
Close Word
Load Windows Explorer (WinKey + E)
Right click the (C:) drive
Select search
Enter in the search box and click search
when it has finished delete all files called that show up
Close windows explorer
Open word
The blank document you now see uses the default version of
See if you get the same 'hang' when closing.

At this point you need to decide if you are going to use this version or revert to your original.

To revert...
Inside Word
Close any blank documents
File new (in menu not tool bar)
Select use a template on your computer
Choose the 'backup' one
File / Save As
Choose Save As Type: Document Template
Should change to template directory
Give it the name and save

Very long winded I know but it's the only way to check if there is a problem within *AND* retain all your configurations.


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