burn dvd

i have one dvd with 8,7gb capacity. it is a movie and i want to burn it to another dvd. but i dont have that much capacity . i have only 4,2 gb dvd.
1) is it possible to copy that movie to one dvd?
2) or how many dvd i need?
3) if i copy that to 2 dvd what happens for menus?
4) when i bought the dvd they ask for +/- dual layer what are thery or what dvd i need?
5) i have winxp,nero,nec burner burn is it ok or i need any other softwares
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I have a program i hva used for this several times with mpeg movies from a video camera where i hae had more than would normally fit onto one disk

the program is Pinnacle T-Rex an it camme with a pctv pro card

it will convert the files to mpeg 2 or 4 and i have had it take a 750mb mpeg and once it ws done the finished file was only 380mb this has allowed me to get more video onto a single dvd disk.

and i was using sonic my dvd for the burning.

though i do not know if these can be purchased as stand alone products

hope this helps
what is the model and brand of your dvd burner?
wlennonVP of Domestic & Int'l OperationsCommented:
DVD X Copy from 321 Studios (who have been shut down, but will still activate your software) will copy the entire disc on a 4.7gb DVD +/- R/RW

I backup all of my own movies to protect my investment.

DVD -R is better for playback in more DVD players than the +R's but with my JVC DVD Player both work equally as well. I get the menus, the movie and all the extras on one disc.

Hey, here is what I use.
1. Yes, DVD shrink will compress the movie to fit totally on one disk.
2. Just 1.
3. I wouldnt suggest copying to 2 dvd's, as splitting it up would damage the archetecture and the menu wouldnt work correctly anymore.
4. A dual layer DVD stores twice the 4.7GB limit, are more expensive, and require a dual layer burner to use. I have noticed no drop in quality using DVD shrink, so I suggest just using that.
5. I use a program called DVD Shrink, V3.1 (freeware) http://www.dvdshrink.org/what.html, and it will rip any dvd onto your computer and make it fit onto the standard 4.7GB DVD +/- R disk. After you rip it, you can easily just burn the files onto a standard DVD +/- R and its all set and will play in most DVD players. DVD-R is the better one for compatability.

If you need help with using DVD shrink just ask me. The whole process takes about 2 1/2 hours if you use reprocessing (so the quality stays higher) and about 15 min to burn at 4x. I hope this answers your question.


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